July 14, 2013

Chatting About North and South {With Pictures!}

North & South - the 2004 BBC adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's romantic Victorian novel featuring John Thorton (Richard Armitage) and Margaret Hale (Daniela Denby-Ashe)

Yes, so I've never made much of a secret around here how very much I love North and South, the mini series starring Daniela Denby-Ashe and *sighs dreamily* Richard Armitage. I've only posted a few pics here and there and only mentioned it a time or ten as my favoritest period drama ever. I'm sure you have no clue about any of that, right? *wink wink*

Right then. I love North and South! There.

Anyway, it really is a fabulous period drama. The love story of course, is sigh-worthy and lovely and wonderful. The cast is pretty much perfect for their roles. (In my humble opinion.) It takes that pride and prejudice theme and totally makes it more awesome! (Nothing against Austen's Pride and Prejudice, mind you. I love that one too. But it comes second to my love of North and South. Sorry.)

So anyway, this is just a chance for me to wax eloquent on this mini series. And post pictures! Because you can't have a post about North and South without pictures of Richard Armitage. It's just not done! :D

But before we get to all that, I wanted to let everyone know that North and South will be showing on the INSP TV channel tonight at 8pm eastern!!!!!! That's worth a few more exclamation points!!!!!! You know I love my exclamation points. !!!!!! So if you get that channel, be sure to tune in.

"North & South" to premiere on INSP Sunday, July 14th @ 8:00 PM! Everyone, tell your family and friends! :)

Unfortunately, I have plans this evening with some family that's here from out of state, so I will be unable to watch it. Thank goodness for DVDs! (And just to make sure you realize how ridiculously nuts over this series I am, here's more proof. I own two copies of the DVDs. One that I watch right now and one for when my first copy inevitably gets too scratched from watching that last scene too many times in a row and it refuses to play for me anymore. That way I don't have to wait for another copy to come in the mail. I can just start watching! Genius plan, yes? ;)

Now then. On to the lovely photos of Richard! And Daniela. And a few other people.

no words necessary :)
My favorite scene first, of course! ;)

UK's "North and South". Fantastic period drama.

*sigh* The way he looks at her!

Richard Armitage in 'North & South'

He's smiling! 

Higgins and Thornton in Marborough Mills.

I love this scene too. (Oh who am I kidding. I love every scene!)

Bessy Higgins

Every character is wonderful. There's Bessy....

Mr. Higgins & Mr. Thornton

and Nicholas, who is just awesome...

Little Tom, Higgins and Thornton exchanging words in the mill.

And little Tom (lower left), who is adorable...

John and his mother. I love their strong mother-and-son relationship <3

then there's Mrs. Thornton, who is just a force to be reckoned with...

Mary Higgins (North & South)
and Mary, who hardly says a word, but her eyes speak volumes.

North & South (2004), starring Richard Armitage, Daniela Denby-Ashe, Brendan Coyle, and Anna Maxwell Martin

Can't forget Mr. and Mrs. Hale and Dixon!

And then there's Fanny. I'm sorry, but this is actually pretty accurate of her character. She's a flibbertigibbet if I ever saw one. ;)

North and South

Yeah, you knew I'd end with this one, didn't you?


And this one?

Margaret Hale and Mr. Thornton - BBC North & South

Last one! I promise! ;D


  1. I love a good drama so thanks for sharing about this. Just set it to record before posting my comment so I wouldn't forget.

    1. You are so welcome, Karen! I hope you enjoy it. Obviously I think it's fabulous and am always happy to recruit new viewers! :)

  2. So after reading this I went to check out where I can buy it (I don't get that channel) and its free on kindle! Downloaded immediately. Can't wait to read it and then watch it!

    1. You will LOVE the movie, Jamie! Share after you see it. :)

    2. Jamie, I totally agree with Rissi! It's so wonderful!

      As crazy as this may sound, I haven't read the whole book the entire way through. I've read most of it though! The book actually gives a lot more insight into Thornton's thoughts and feelings.

      And yes! DO let us know what you think! Will be so anxious to hear your thoughts on both the book and the series. :D

  3. I have neither read nor seen this. Bad, bad me. Hoping to at least watch it by the end of the year!

    1. Oh, I hope you get to also, Hamlette! It's just so wonderful. I could talk for days about my love for this series, but I'll spare you. ;)

      Let me know what you think once you've seen it! I love it obviously. But I have a couple friends who aren't as enamored over it like I am. Will be anxious to hear which camp you fall into. :)

    2. I finally have time to come back to this post! And oh, I really loved this series. My DVD should arrive any day, and I can't wait to watch it again. And then blog about it, I hope. Because it's such a rich, fascinating story! And those characters! My goodness, Margaret Hale fascinates me. And Nicholas Higgins -- wow! What a force of nature! I think my favorite scenes might actually have been the ones between him and Mr. Thornton, because they were amazing -- so much going on, said and unsaid. I would watch a whole miniseries of those two just discussing things.

      My favorite moment, though, was absolutely when Margaret rode away, and Mr. Thornton stood there saying, "Look back. Look back at me." AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I melted completely away. I'm tearing up just remembering it. Wow.

      So. I loved it. I'm not saying it's my favorite movie ever, but it may tie with the 1983 Jane Eyre for my favorite mini-series.

    3. I'm so glad, Hamlette! And I can't wait to read your post! :)

      That's it exactly. It's very rich and fascinating. So much more than just a romance or just a social commentary. There are so many different things going on and I love it all! And YES! Nicholas Higgens is amazing!!! Watching he and Thornton come to respect each other is awesome. I would so watch an entire miniseries with just those two! Because their conversations rock. Both actors are amazing with their facial expressions. So subtle, but they convey ever so much!

      *sigh* That look back at me moment? Ah, I swoon!!!!! That's a perfect example of Richard Armitage's acting. His face? It kills me every time. So much emotion and all he says is two lines. Must go watch again!

      You don't know how happy it makes me to know you loved this, Hamlette. Seriously! You made my entire week! I love it when friends enjoy my favorite movies or books! :D

    4. I'm quite amused by the fact that, by loving N&S, I have made three different people extraordinarily happy! It's quite the powerful -- and well-beloved -- story.

    5. What can I say? Us N&S fangirls are easily made happy! ;D

  4. *blissful sigh* I want to watch this one again soon - sooooo good!! That ending??

    OK, so I bought a copy back in college when everyone in the blogosphere seemed to be raving about it. One night when my roomie was gone, I was like, "I'll start the first 'episode' tonight."

    After that, I was like, "Well, there are two 'episodes' on one disc [if I'm remembering correctly], so I'll just watch the next one and finish the first disc."

    After that, I was like, "I need to watch more!! On to 'episode' 3..."

    And after that, I was like, "Might as well finish!"

    And I did. ;) Finished in the early morning hours, and got ready for bed and hit the pillow with the final song and blissful thoughts floating through my head... It was glorious. :D

    Anywho, love the pics, love Nicholas (and Thornton, of course!), and love that you have two copies, LOL! Good plan. ;)


    1. Oh Amber! I love your story! It made me laugh. BUT! Mainly it was because I had just about the same experience! I bought it on a whim after reading glowing Amazon reviews. It hadn't been out on DVD very long and I was hoping I hadn't wasted my money. Best money I've ever spent on a movie! :D

      Anyway, I started it thinking I'd just see how it went. Well, four hours later, very late into the night, I finished it. Then immediately rewatched that last scene about a dozen times. I literally had to force myself to turn it off! Then I couldn't go to sleep for still thinking about it. Needless to say, I got very little sleep that night. ;P

      We really are kindred spirits! :D

      Oh, I love Nicholas! Not at first, he had to grow on me. But by hour three I was pretty well solidified and by hour four, he was my favorite character aside from Margaret and John. The way those two strong-willed men come to respect and care for one another is so wonderfully depicted. The actors play so well in a scene together. I love their relationship!

      Hehe! Thanks. I thought my plan was pretty good also. Especially after a scare one night where I thought my first copy wouldn't play and I really wanted to watch it. So the next day I purchased my second copy. ;)

  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your plan!

    When I first watched this series I HAD to watch again, it was fabulous!


    1. Ha! Thanks Martha! I thought it was great planning on my part. I'd hate to not be able to watch it one evening because I've worn it out. ;)

      YES! It is so fabulous, isn't it? Happy we have something else in common! :)

  6. Wow, how have I not seen this yet? *bad me* I need to get my hands on this stat. Thanks for sharing, Kara! :D It looks like just the thing I'd like!

    1. Oh, I hope you can watch it soon, Rebeka! It's so so SO wonderful! I'm always happy to recruit new viewers! :D When you do watch it, let me know what you think. :)

  7. I started fangirling as soon as I saw your title. ;-) *sighs* John Thornton is...so...I cannot describe it. :D This post makes me want to watch North and South all over again. I just love how Richard Armitage can communicate so much in a single glance.

    1. That's it exactly, Alyssa! There are simply no words for how amazing Thornton is. No words. ;)

      Richard Armitage is so wonderful in this role. You're right, his eyes say a lot in one look. And the way he looks at Daniela? You'd think he wasn't acting! *sigh*

      And I love finding new things in common with you! We can fangirl together over this story anytime you want. :D

    2. Yes, yes! :D In fact, I believe I like Thornton a lot more than I like Darcy.

      Yes, his eyes are just so swoon-worthy. *sighs* Did you know that the actor, Richard Armitage, in order to get into the role he has to play, creates journals in the "voice" of his character? Maybe that's why he is able to look and act like it's "real life."

      Oh, I'd love to fangirl with you! Have you got a Gmail account? Or Skype? :D

    3. Oh, I'm firmly in the camp of Thornton over Darcy by now! ;D

      I did not know that actually. Talk about preparation! I bet you're right. It probably does help make his acting more "real". He has to be able to do it somehow! And boy is he good at it. :)

      I do have a gmail account! No to the skype though. Haven't got the capabilities of that unfortunately. I'll email you!

    4. Okeedokee! Looking forward to a "fangirling" chat among other things. :D

    5. I shall look forward to it also! I haven't sent anything yet, but I will. I promise! Life suddently got busy the last couple weeks, but I will always make time for fangirling. :D

  8. Well, Kara, we are kindred spirits! N & S is by far my favourite period drama and let's just say I fell in love with RA and cravats after watching this!! I have watched it countless times and introduced it to all my family and friends. It has some great lines that my daughter and I love to quote - LOL! Adore Bessy and Nicholas, too, long before he became Mr Bates - hehe :)

    I've since watched everything Richard has been in since - I think he is fabulous ;-)


    1. We really are, Rel! Oh my. That's exactly what happened to me too. I watched Richard in this and then wanted to watch him in everything else he'd been in! I haven't actually, but oh my the man is delightful to watch. :D

      I can almost quote whole scenes from this series. I can only dream of saying them with a British accent though. It sounds pretty great in my head! Not so much out loud. Oh well. ;)

      Yes! This was my introduction to Brendan Coyle too. I had to adjust my view of him to watch him in Downton Abbey! His character is one of my favorites of the series. Watching how he changes and how his relationship with Thornton changes...I love the relationship between those two men. The respect and care for one another they gradually develop is lovely to watch.

      I think our friendship was meant to be, since we have so many things in common. :)

  9. BTW, I tagged you in this post. Play if you want to!

  10. YAAAY! I love, love, LOVE North and South. Soooo much...

  11. Fun, fun, Kara! I love all of these characters - well, not always Mrs. Thornton, but you know, everyone else! - and for sure Brendan Coyle's secondary yet vital character. The transition between him and John is impressive and well written.

    *sniff* So sad how Bessy's story ends.

    Everything else is great in this miniseries! The acting, the costumes, the story - just everything. So good.

    1. Oh yes, Rissi. Mrs. Thornton is...well...I really have no words to describe the lady. She's unique! ;)

      Nicholas and John's relationship is one of my favorite parts of the series. It's so well written. And well acted too! Those two actors played off one another really well. I had no trouble buying into the transition of their relationship. The respect and care they gradually develop is so lovely. SO lovely! Their relationship is my second favorite. The first being John and Margaret of course. ;P

      Oh I know! I really miss Bessy in the latter part of the series. She is such a good friend to Margaret.

      Exactly! There simply isn't any part of the series that's handled badly at all. The entire thing is delightful and awesome and sigh-worthy. SO good! :)

  12. I love the mini-series too!
    for the longest time I didn't care to see it because, I don't know, I guess i thought I wouldn't find it romantic, but then one day I gave in and became obsessed!!

    Richard Armitage's voice is awesome, it's what made me fall for him :D
    And the way he looks at her int he series--- *happy sigh*

    1. Yay! Another thing we have in common, Alex! :D

      I am so obsessed with this series. I have watched it waaaayyyy too many times to count. Really! I can't count them at all. And the rewatches of that last scene? Even more innumerable!

      His voice is very nice. And the way he looks at her? Oh my goodness! Gave my heart palpitations the first time I watched it! *happy sigh indeed* :)


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