August 11, 2013

July EstellaGram :: Week Four

I'M BACK!!!! :D

I know. You're just thrilled to bits, right? ;) I had a wonderful trip. (Might write a small post later, with a couple pictures to tell you a bit about it. We'll see.) It was so good to see my family and get the chance to catch up with some old friends. There's just nothing like going back to the place where you grew up. Lots of memories there! :) Plus I got a couple books read, so hopefully a review or two will be showing up this week. Back to the old routine again and real life! *sigh* Do I hafta?! ;P

Anyway, I need to get caught up on my July EstellaGram posts. So here's week four:

Day 22 - Vintage

{Vintage things don't want to be forgotten. That's my theory anyway. And this is another fabulous series by Kristen Heitzmann!}

Day 23 - Sparkles

{Haven't read this one yet, but I've heard wonderful things about it!}

Day 24 - Heavy

{So yeah. This one is kind of the opposite. Go with it, okay?}

Day 25 - Loud

{When things get loud, this is what you should do.}

Day 26 - Tome

{Tome - a volume forming a part of a larger work. This is my favorite book of this series. But the entire series is awesome! You should read it. Period.}

Day 27 - Coffee

{This series is so cute! I promise that you'll laugh a lot. I did, anyway.}

Day 28 - Refreshing

{It was so refreshing to return to Galveston and enter Bella Neeley's life again! Cannot wait to read book two and my copy should hopefully be showing up soon! Yay!!!}


  1. Nice to see that you had a nice time! Welcome back!

    1. Thank you, Grace! It's always good to be home again. :)

  2. :o D Hi Kara, and welcome back!
    Yes, I'm positively just thrilled to bits to have you back! ;o )

    Looks like those are some cool books!! I have Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words, The King Of Attolia, and I think Head In The Clouds all on my to-read list, and I'm currently reading Secrets. It's neat to see that there's a sequel. :o )

    "Have a splendiferously awesome day"!

    1. Hi Ysa. Thank you! I'm glad to know that. ;)

      I hope you enjoy those stories. Head in the Clouds is a lot of fun! And The King of Attolia is wonderful as well. However, I would definitely recommend reading the entire The Queen's Thief series in order. Things will make much more sense that way. It really is one giant continuing story. If you do read them, let me know what you think!

      Thanks for coming by. You have a splendiferously awesome day yourself! :D

  3. Yippee! Welcome back, Kara. So excited that you've returned safe and sound. :)

    Love those novels by Janice - have my copy of book two and cannot wait to get into it. So fun. :)

    1. Thanks Rissi! :D

      I cannot wait at all! My copy is supposed to be on its way and I keep anxiously checking the mail every single day. You'd think I was obsessed or something. ;P


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