March 3, 2015

Bite-Sized Reviews :: Edition Ten

Oh look! Time for more bite-sized reviews! These were all stories I enjoyed, but didn't have enough to say that they warranted a full size review. (Except for A December Bride. But I didn't figure y'all wanted me to gush over and over "READ IT, READ IT, READ IT", so I refrained. ;) And now I'll stop the chitchat and just get straight to the books, shall I?

Match Made by Erynn Mangum
I recently mentioned The Lauren Holbrook stories because I love them so. Well, this is a continuation of the series! Only Ms. Mangum took Lauren herself and made her a secondary character. Which is not a bad thing at all! Lauren is living her happily ever after, but she's always ready to help others find theirs. This time it's Anne and she is a girl after my own heart. She's quiet and introverted, yet friendly and fun when you get to know her. She's also a bit lonely and watching Lauren and her friends take her under their wings and fill her life with friendships, coffee, dessert, and a certain handsome someone is just wonderful. The friendships in these books are my favorite aspect of the stories. This group of people just makes me wish they were real so I could go hang out with them! :) The only complaint I have? Is that now I'm so anxious for the next book and I still have several months to wait!!!

Making Faces by Amy Harmon
This one started out rather slow and the writing wasn't pulling me in very well. But a good friend recommended it, so I decided to keep going anyway. And I'm so glad I did! About halfway through, things picked up and the heart of the story really started shining. Ambrose is so broken by his experience and Fern is so sweet and wonderful that she breaks through his barriers without him meaning to let her. These two are so good for each other. But I can't forget Bailey! Because he's just awesome. The friendship between these three people makes such a big difference for each one. And isn't that what friendships should do for us? Change us and help us and open us up to the idea that people can have a huge impact on our lives?

22839422Prudence Pursued by Shirley Raye Redmond
I wasn't blown away by the story, I admit. But it was very sweet. And quirky! I mean, it begins with Prudence and her cousin Margaret getting ready to go to a pox party (to be vaccinated with cow pox, meant to prevent small pox). If that's not an interesting beginning... :) Prudence is on the shelf, as almost all of these sorts of heroines are, and she's quite happy there. But then she makes the acquaintance of Sir James, who is promised to Margaret. And over the course of them getting to know one another, and finding many things in common, they fall in love. Which is inconvenient since he's already taken! But in due course, all works out. It was pretty cute as they fumble their way to their happily ever after. If you need a quick read filled with sweet moments, try this one.

18221496A December Bride by Denise Hunter
I hadn't realized until I started this one that the main character is a sister to Beckett O'Reilly from Barefoot Summer! Which completely explains why I loved this story so much. (You don't need to read that one first, this stands alone quite well. But if you haven't read either, you should remedy that! :) Layla and Seth have some seriously great chemistry. I loved all their bantering and dancing around their attraction. Ms. Hunter fills her (too short! I want more!) story with a sweet romance that left me grinning happily by the final page. And then I turned around and read it over again. It was just that good! Definitely a keeper. Highly, highly recommend this one! READ IT, READ IT, READ IT!! ;)


  1. I agree about Prudence Pursued. It was sweet, just not my favorite. Yay about A December Bride. I think that one is in my Winter Brides collection, so I'll have to read the pretty soon. :)

    1. Oh, I can't wait to hear what you think of it, Rissi! I just loved getting a small glimpse of Beckett and Madison's future. And Layla and Seth are adorable! :)


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