December 25, 2015

Movie Quote Monday {on Friday!} :: Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas

"I'm not perfect, but through it all, I have learned how to hold firm in a storm, not by holding on to whatever I can find for as long as I can, but by trusting that the one thing that matters in this world will never let go of me. And Shane, that's what perfect love is. Perfect love casts out all that pain, all that fear, and replaces it with hope."

Merry Christmas, my lovelies! I know that this is technically Friday and I normally would post a movie quote on Monday, but this is special circumstances. (Plus I totally meant to get this posted last Monday and it didn't happen, but that's neither here nor there... ;) Y'all know I love me some Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, so when this one came out last year, I fell in love with it. I would have to say that it's one of my favorites ever! Which is high praise, I know. But this little movie is so full of heart and delight and HOPE.

Which is why I wanted to post this quote today, because Christmas is all about hope. And in this world with numerous stories of tragedy and sadness, we all need to take a moment and remind ourselves that love and hope can make all the difference. All the difference, people!! No matter what you're going through today (and I know there are people out there that are going through some doozies right now), no matter what your circumstances may tell you, no matter how not-fun things can be, don't let go of hope. Okay? You'll get through this. So will I. There are better things coming (like some really great books and movies! ;). And if life is really awesome for you right now? Then hallelujah!

Hope is a powerful thing, my friends. I trust you're holding tight to yours today. And I truly hope your Christmas has been and is filled with wonder and joy and happiness. (As well as a story or two! :)


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    1. Thank you, Emma Jane! Merry Christmas to you. :)

  2. I love this message! Merry Christmas!!

    1. Thanks, Kami! I hope your Christmas has been wonderful! :)


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