November 7, 2017

Happy Release Day, The Austen Escape! {Also, you're invited...}

Happy release day to The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay! 

34460584Did y'all know that I LOVE Katherine's stories? I have been known to gush in my reviews, I believe, so you probably do, right? ;) Anyhoo! Today is publishing day for her latest release The Austen Escape, and you can imagine that combining two of my favorite authors, Jane Austen and Ms. Reay herself, means that I am definitely reading this one! :D

I've actually had my copy for a couple weeks, but life prevented me from starting. Which is not all bad! Because I'm going to be reading it simultaneously with my #bookbesties starting today. Yay! (Which also means I'm planning to go straight home after writing this post and immediately beginning chapter one. Double yay!)

Which leads me to the main reason for this post. If you care to join, we're doing a little read-along. Mainly we'll be discussing on Twitter, using the hashtag #TAERAL. Even if you don't join in, but want to check out our convos, I guarantee there'll be LOTS of gushing and pure awesome going on. (Just sayin')

Also! Courtney says she's collecting questions to ask Ms. Reay, which she'll then post about once we're finished reading. So head over to her post for the details!

Meanwhile, please promise me that you'll check out her books? Believe me when I say that she's a fabulous writer!! :)


  1. YAY for all things Katherine Reay and Austen together!!!!! I'm delighted we're all reading this together. SO FUN!

  2. So... I *thought* I had pre-ordered this? But I guess I didn't? Oops. I have ordered it now! Should have it in a few days, though probably won't get to start reading it until next week. Due to being gone basically all day Saturday :-o

  3. I knew you loved Katherine Reay. I have read Lizzy and Jane. I know I totally suck! I need to read. I'm just struggling with it right now. Someday, someday. Enjoy your new book. :)


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