July 7, 2018

Review: Just Let Go by Courtney Walsh

After loving so many other books by Ms. Walsh, I could not wait to read this one! Happily, I was anything but disappointed. Ms. Walsh has a way of writing characters that stay with me. I can't "let go" of them! (Sorry, couldn't resist. ;) Their emotions are always so relatable and somehow I find myself easily connecting with them. They feel real, with hardships, happinesses, confusing relationships, and all manner of ups and downs. So kudos to you, Ms. Walsh! I am most certainly a big fan.

I think one of the biggest things I related to in this story was the fear both Quinn and Grady have to learn to handle. Each one has a tremendous amount of growth to go through in that area. And isn't fear such a real thing in our lives? I don't think anyone is exempt from having a few to work through. There's just something about watching even a fictional character overcome their anxiety that inspires me to keep working through my own. :) Plus I simply liked Quinn and Grady a great deal, so it wasn't a hardship at all to journey with them through all their hurt and fear!

I do have to admit that the romance bits, while super adorable at times, didn't develop as naturally as I'd hoped. I could always feel their attraction, but it felt as if they jumped a step or two ahead a little too quickly at a couple different points in the story. That being said, I wasn't put off by it (and perhaps I read too quickly and missed something somewhere). Either way, I was pleased to see them making progress! And I definitely loved how they both had to learn to be brave and put themselves out there, make themselves vulnerable. It wasn't an easy lesson for them, but a necessary one. By the final pages, I was completely comfortable with their development and happy to see the growth they both needed!

Also, I can't forget to mention how much I loved Ryan and Lane's cameos! It was so much fun to see how they were as adorable as ever. :) Overall, this is simply a story with lots of charm and depth. Grady and Quinn, while delightful, also felt normal. They didn't always make the best choices, yet slowly wormed their way into my heart with all the hurts they had and their vulnerability they tried so hard to cover. More than once I wanted to jump in the book and tell them it really would be okay if they could just hang in there. Isn't that a sign of great writing? I think so too. Which means, this is a story you should certainly check into yourself, reader friends!

**I received a complimentary copy via Netgalley & the author. All opinions expressed are my own.

Friday morning, Quinn woke up slowly. It was one of those days when the warmth of her bed was far more enticing than anything on the other side of her covers.

He was about to lose it--lose her--before he'd ever had a chance to prove to her that she was wrong about him.

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