July 21, 2018

Review: The Way You Make Me Feel by Maureen Goo

I've had Ms. Goo's books on my radar since the first one came out and was thrilled with the opportunity to try this one. And I am pleased to report that it was a fun, summertime sort of story! It has a breezy quality about it that makes for an easy read. Perfect for the beach or a relaxing afternoon, right? :)

I do confess to that it took a bit for me to get into the story, Clara is quite the unique sort of character at first and not entirely likable. But once I got involved in her food truck adventures she began to grow on me. And can I just say that those adventures made me hungry?! Oh my stars, do not read this book if you're starving, it'll just make it worse! ;)

Yet I definitely loved the family dynamics that began to grow between the characters. Clara and her father started the book in a good relationship and I really liked how that never really changed. It just grew and adjusted to Clara's developing maturity. Her friendship with Rose, on the other hand, was such a push and pull, back and forth type of thing. They both had a great deal of learning to do, but I liked the slow development because it felt true to life.

Of course, the romance bits were pretty cute. Hamlet is just adorable! A true and genuine nice guy, which is just what Clara needs. His dorkiness made me grin several times. Overall, this is simply a quick, easy story filled with a few laughs, a few head-shakes, a few sigh-worthy moments, and just all around sweetness. It has enough charm to make it worth your while, reader friends!

**I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via Netgalley. All opinions expressed are my own.

As I stood there surrounded by three people who had the ability to do just that-crack my chest open to all the disappointment and difficulty and grief-I knew I still wanted it. The risk of the bad stuff was so worth the good stuff. People who would be there for you when you messed up and behaved like a little jerk? They were the good stuff.

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