September 12, 2019

Review: Ford by Susan May Warren

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Seriously, I don't know how Ms. Warren does it. She is incredibly gifted at writing edge-of-your-seat tension, both romantically and otherwise! I was pulled into this story pretty much from the first page and then was only further hooked as I got to know RJ better. Because I have to admit that I came for Ford and Scarlett, but I stayed for RJ and York. (And now I have to wait so long for their story! Humph. ;)

Let's begin with the fact that most of this book takes place in Russia. What a harsh and fascinating landscape to have as a backdrop. The uncertainty and fierceness felt by our characters is only enhanced by this country. I confess that I really want to visit just to experience it for myself! :) Ms. Warren's descriptions of the area create an atmospheric-feel to the story. All the (practically) non-stop action is fueled on by this feeling, which means I spent most my time anxiously turning each page, wondering what was on the horizon.

Then there are the characters. Watching Ford be confronted with so much of what he fears and how those who love him and know him so well help move him into growth and courageous-living (as if he wasn't already courageous! But he did need a little more of a push in a certain direction...) is wonderful to witness. Scarlett has some growth and courage to learn as well. These two are one of those couples that understand and fit each other so perfectly. Enough so they can also preach some good truth to one another when needed. And then there's RJ...and York. Oh my heart, I was utterly captivated by those two! *happy sigh* They face a scary situation, yet each has a fierce determination that captures the other's notice. There's simply something so vivid and pivotal between them. I cannot wait to find out more of their story.

The plot turns and twists all over the place and you never know just where you'll end up next. There is really such a great lot of things all going on at once and somehow Ms. Warren pulls all the threads just so, perfectly timed, and the picture becomes a whole lot clearer. With still a lot of threads yet to be pulled! So yes. I am now officially onboard the Montana Marshalls train and will (sort of) happily wait for more! (It's a good thing there are two previous stories to help me through the waiting period....)

**I received a complimentary copy via Just Read Publicity Tours. All opinions expressed are my own.

"For a second she saw the brother she’d known better than herself. Proud, strong, faithful, determined, and yes, just reckless enough to save them all."

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