November 16, 2019


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Hello, my lovelies! Long time, no talk, right? My October went a lot differently than I imagined and time for blogging just didn't happen. But here I am! In the frigid cold of VA right now. Brrrr. I was not prepared for winter to arrive quite so soon, so I feel like an ice cube when I go outside. This lady has been used to HOT weather for over a year! So this 30 something degree weather means I am wrapped in all kinds of layers while all around me people are just barely wearing sweatshirts and sweaters. *sigh* My body had a lot of adjusting yet to do! :)

Anyhoo, I finally made it to the library today and though I have a review (or ten! *sigh*) to catch up on, I wanted to write something a little more general and fun. So! Here we are, life currently for me...

Listening to: No current audiobooks, but I have been keeping up with the latest season of the Speaking With Joy podcast. It's been good for my soul.

Reading: Currently I only have two books going and they're both nonfiction. Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton and The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer. (Both are excellent, in case you're wondering. Very challenging and inspiring.) I have read some fun stories recently and have a few on my to-read-next list, but nothing current...

Enjoying: My hot tea in the mornings. I mean, I enjoy hot tea always, but as it's been so cold, drinking something hot has felt extra good. My favorite is Lady Grey, in case you wondered...

Watching: Hallmark Christmas movies, of course! (You knew this already, though, didn't you? ;) I thought Merry and Bright was super cute, the actors had good chemistry (which isn't always true of these movies, I have to admit). There are a number of upcoming ones that I'm excited about, too. So! Yay for Christmas movies! :D

Feeling: Relieved. I've been fighting a cold for much too many days now, but I think I might finally be on the upswing! (I sincerely hope so anyway. Being sick is for the birds.) Perfect timing to head into the holiday season. I mean, I guess technically that season has already begun, but I haven't had a clear head to truly enjoy it yet. Looking forward to enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas at home this year! Last year the holidays were fun, but very, very, VERY different. Plus I was sick over Christmas day last year (in a hotel room in Cambodia and it was NOT pleasant let me tell you). This year I cannot wait to see all my family together! :)

Dreaming of: The Christmas letter and poem I'd like to send out this year. Hoping to work on that in the next few days and I'm looking forward to seeing my words come together. (Wish me the best? I'm just hoping I can get both written and actually sent out! *fingers crossed*)

So! What's new with you??

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  1. Cowboy read Orthodoxy and it made him a Chesterton fan. It's on my TBR still.

    Things have been busy here, but good! Lots of books and movies going on, and still slugging it out with my WIP :-)


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