February 23, 2020

five things

Five things you will find if you open my purse/bag:
  1. chapstick
  2. earbuds
  3. phone/laptop charger
  4. old receipts
  5. keys
Five things in my bedroom:
  1. books (of course)
  2. my laptop
  3. dr pepper pillow
  4. calendar
  5. this amazing tote bag a friend gave me *all the heart eyes*

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in my life, but haven't yet:
  1. write a story
  2. travel to Italy
  3. publish a book of poetry
  4. own a pet
  5. read all six published books by Jane Austen {I know! But I haven't read Mansfield Park yet...}
Five things that make me very happy:
  1. books
  2. friends
  3. family
  4. Jesus
  5. hugs
Five things I’m currently into:
  1. sitting in the library with a dear friend
  2. convos with friends, whether deep or silly
  3. Speaking With Joy podcast
  5. all things yellow
Five things on my To-Do list:
  1. read all the books in the stack a friend gave me just last night
  2. blog more regularly
  3. journal just a little bit every single day
  4. read more nonfiction
  5. make time for solitude in my schedule
Five things some people may or may not know about you:
  1. cookies are my favorite type of dessert {As long as they're not full of nuts, nuts don't belong in cookies}
  2. I love dr pepper
  3. good food makes me happy
  4. that when I try to think about something people don't know about me, my mind immediately goes to food
  5. even all these years later I am still fascinated by horses {but my LOVE of them has definitely been tempered a good deal}
Five things you enjoy doing during your free time:
  1. read
  2. time with friends
  3. read
  4. write/journal
  5. watch a period drama

{another post from my drafts folder, be glad I updated it, the horror of what I wrote a few years ago... *embarrassed smile*}


  1. I always tend to have tons of drafts (I just checked 83, not sure its been this bad before) because I get an idea and then write it "when I feel like it" or its a post for a series or its a post to collect links. I think my oldest is 3 years old.

    1. Livia: I'm certainly glad to know I'm not the only one who does this! When I was going through mine, I found a couple that I clearly had a good idea at one point and then didn't write enough in the drft to remind me all these years later what it was that I was going to actually post about. Not entirely helpful! :D


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