March 7, 2020

My Current Fave Podcasts

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
So I think I've mentioned a time or twelve that I've fairly recently gotten into listening to podcasts. I know. I am so late on the bandwagon. But I refuse to feel badly about that! Because I am thoroughly enjoying so many intriguing lines of thought.

I should clarify that I currently have a job wherein are long moments I am pretty much doing data entry type of things which do not require a ton of concentration. During said moments my mind will wander all sorts of interesting and strange places because my mind is a weird thing. What I have truly enjoyed about the podcasts I've listened to is that they cause me to ponder deep things. (Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good laugh and have listened to some podcasts that are purely hilarious convos. But I prefer the deeper ones that make me think harder.) The podcasts I will share with you tend to be the kind that involve searching for the whys of how we live and think, thoughts on beauty and story, how to walk and live a more surrendered life, and often I have added to my TBR simply because a quote will get mentioned which intrigues me. I don't know how else to describe it but to yet again say that these podcasts make me think.

My current reality is that while I have many dear friends surrounding me whom I love and with whom I love to converse, most of them are in a very different phase of life than I, which requires that the amount of time they have to converse about deep things is much more limited than mine. We do converse about deep things when we can, so this is simply a reality of their phase of life, not a criticism from me! And I crave deep convos. (I stink at small talk.) So imagine my appreciation for these podcasts where I get to listen to people ponder through serious things which only serve to make me ponder the same! My soul has been delighting in it. :)

There you go. My reasons for why I've loved discovering the podcasts I have. Now let's get to listing my current favorites, shall we? :)

Cooper & Cary Have Words :: A Swing and a Myth
This is two British gentlemen who, clearly, have words to share. The particular podcast I linked to is my most recent listen which I loved. In it, they talk about story and how creative work is all in thanks to and a small part of the larger Story that humankind is privileged to be within. A lot of food for thought which I am still pondering! Plus, I cannot deny, I just really like listening to their British accents. ;)

Speaking With Joy :: Modern Day Monasticism
Ms. Joy Clarkson and her thoughts were my very first foray into podcasts. I'd been following her on twitter and instagram for some time and finally decided to give her a listen as well. I love her thoughts on books, beauty, and the deeper things of life. The episode I've linked to focuses mainly on adopting rhythms of prayer into our lives, which is a discipline I have struggled to stay consistent within. Thus I appreciate her thoughts and encouragement. 

At Home With Sally & Friends :: Cultivating a Rich Inner Life Through Reading
This podcast is by Sally, Joy's mother. I haven't listened to a lot of her's yet, but I thoroughly loved this particular episode. Number one, because it's about reading. :) Number two, because I read Sarah Clarkson's Book Girl last summer and absolutely loved it, so when I saw she was a guest in this episode, I knew I wanted to listen. It's just a whole lot of good thoughts and encourages those of us bookish sorts. :D

I have appreciated so many of the podcasts that The Daily Grace Co has put out. This episode came right at the beginning of this year, when I was in the midst of trying to reset and recommit after several months of letting goals and plans in my life slide away. I really appreciated the good reminders and helpful hints I was given. But it's still a great episode even if you give it a listen at other times of the year! Goal setting can be thing to reevaluate throughout the year, not just in January. Because I'm just human enough to let things slide again, long before 2020 is over.

Are you a podcast listener? Do you have favorites? I'm sure you do if you're a regular listener. Any good suggestions for me? :)


  1. I'm late on podcasts too, I'm not an auditory person, but in the last year or so I've realized I'm allowed to listen to stuff at work which has greatly helped me not go crazy. I've been enjoying Audible (particularly James Herriot books and the BBC full cast radio dramas), music, and some podcasts. I'm very picky (and moody) about what I listen to. I'm going to do a post soon of my favorites (it's currently sitting in the drafts and literally after I wrote it I started listening to a new podcast).

    1. Livia: I'm relieved I'm not alone! I am an auditory person myself, but either way I totally get what you mean by how listening can help me not go crazy at work. During a more stressful moment, I have been very grateful to be able to listen to something which helps get my mind and heart back on track again. I think I've listened to a radio drama based on Jane Austen's novels, I'll have to track down others. Thanks for the idea! And I'll have to keep an eye out for your post on your favorites! :)

    2. There are tons. I first listened to the JA one, and more recently I listened to Jeeves and Wooster (and was laughing at loud often at work), two Oscar Wilde plays, I have yet to try the Bronte collection, there is Dickens, Trollope, just tons.


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