August 28, 2020

Review: Start With Me by Kara Isaac

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Where does one begin with describing a Kara Isaac novel? The smiles that are guaranteed to come? The swooniness of the hero? The female protagonist who always seems to find her way into our hearts?  Or! What about the raw emotions which resonate with our own? Truly it's a combination of all of the above, isn't it? 

I should confess that I wasn't sure how I would feel about Victor himself. It's not that I doubted Ms. Isaac's skills, but I wasn't yet convinced that I could believe his redemption. Even though I'm almost always a fan of that storyline! I wasn't too doubtful though, because it didn't take him as long as I first imagined to convince me. (And I'm a sucker for a great redemption arc, did I mention? :) Victor began to tug at my heartstrings and that's not even counting what all Lacey did to my heart! Watching these two slowly figure out their attraction, the growth they both needed, and just what sort of future they each truly wanted was such a wonderful ride. Their story isn't perfect, but that's why I loved them. I could understand their uncertainties and flaws, even as I was pushing for them to reach beyond them into their truer selves.

The lives of these characters are messy, yet beautiful. It was a joy to walk beside them, witnessing their hilarious banter, their frustrations with their current lives, even their frustrations with themselves. The point of it all is to walk the journey, the destination (i.e. their happy ever after) is just the bonus! So do I think you should read it? If any of the above intrigued you, then I say yes! One rarely goes wrong with a Kara Isaac novel, trust me on that. :)

**I received a complimentary copy via JustRead Tours. All opinions are my own.

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