July 31, 2013

July EstellaGram :: Week Three

July is almost gone! Yikes! But I do like August. There's a special day that happens near the end that I always look forward to. ;) So here I am with week three of my EstellaGram pictures. (Week one here and week two here.) I've really enjoyed the challenge of finding books to fit each day's theme! I hope you've been enjoying getting a glimpse at my eclectic bookshelves.

Which leads to my question for you! Yes, I have a question for you. Are you enjoying seeing my bookish pictures? I'm trying to decide if I should attempt a second month or not. So I'm hoping y'all will help me out. Yea or nay for instagramming my bookishness for the month of August? Come on. Just a quick yes or no is all I need! Pretty please? With chocolate on top? Thank you bunches!! :D

Now on to the pictures:

Day 15 - Novella

{Love getting to read from Lia's perspective! Excellent series.}

Day 16 - Tweet

{Screenshot of my excitement over Barefoot Summer! I had it all pretty with Instagram but couldn't find it, and it was too much trouble to figure it all out. So this is what you get.}

Day 17 - Sharp

{This series is so cute and funny!}

Day 18 - Penguin

{YES, I know it's not a penguin. But I couldn't find a penguin (or even a book published by Penguin). So I used a bird. Chickens and penguins are both birds, aren't they? Kind of anyway? Besides, that's a cute cover and you know it.}

Day 19 - Meaningful

{This book. Oh my goodness this book! It is beyond amazing!! Everyone should read it. It is simply that good.}

Day 20 - Dense

{Dense things do not float, yes?}

Day 21 - Readalong

{I was going to read this one with a group, but I still haven't even read the first chapter. :/ I've heard great things about it though! Does that count for anything?}


  1. Yea! Can I have chocolate now? LOL.

    But seriously, I'm enjoying your pics! Love how creative you get with the themes. :) And My Hands Came Away Red really is a powerful book, isn't it?

    Can't believe August is practically here!! (Happy early birthday, BTW!! :D)


    1. Yay! Thanks Amber! And you never know, I just might surprise you with chocolate some day. ;)

      Thanks for your input. I've had lots of fun with this and it's nice to know others are enjoying my efforts. Oh my yes! Powerful and meaningful are simple words that hardly skim the surface of what My Hands Came Away Red truly is. SO good!

      Teehee, thank you! I couldn't resist adding that little line in there. I wondered if anyone would notice it. And you did! :D

  2. Yea! I like your book posts because I feel we have enough in common that we enjoy the same type of books. I'm going to order MY HANDS CAME AWAY RED from the library and maybe A CUT ABOVE too.

    1. Thanks Karen! I'm glad you like them. Appreciate the feedback very much. :)

      Oh oh! I really hope you like My Hands Came Away Red! It simply blew me away with how incredible it was. I know I've probably talked about it way too much, but it's so wonderful. Painful yet wonderful. In a good way!

      The series by Ginny Aiken is cute and fluffy. I like to read them when I'm in the mood to laugh. :)

  3. Again - how cute!

    KARA! My word, girl - you continue to remind me how many books I MUST read. In this instance, it's Ginny's long ago "shopping" series. Have had those forever, and always did think they looked and sounded adorbs. Once I get through these review books, how am I ever to chose which book to read first!? ;)

    1. Well thank you, my dear Rissi! That means a lot coming from you. :)

      That series is definitely adorbs! They are cute and fluffy and feel good. I like to read them when I'm in the mood to giggle! ;) Good luck with your decision. Boy do I ever understand how difficult that is! :D

  4. I like the them! The pictures are fun. And can I say, what a great pick for a novella! Luca! :sigh:

    Submerged looks good! And yes, dense things don't float. :-)

    1. Thank you, Kate! I appreciate your feedback very much. :)

      I just love that series. When I saw that day's theme was 'novella', that one came to mind immediately! Luca! And Lia! *double sigh*

      Submerged is very good! You should read it some day. (I'm assuming you haven't yet.) And thank you. I thought that title might be appropriate. ;)

  5. I'd never heard of My Hands Came Away Red, but it just went on my list, too! It will be quite a departure from my typical read, I think, ;)

    1. Oh, I so hope you enjoy it, Bluerose! It really is an amazing story. Definitely on my all-time favorites list. You'll have to let me know what you think! :D


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