October 4, 2012

Review: Like Sweet Potato Pie by Jennifer Rogers Spinola

Like Sweet Potato Pie
Like Sweet Potato Pie (Southern Fried Sushi)

(Warning-spoilers for book one)

About the Book:

As a new christian, former journalist Shiloh Jacobs has plenty of problems. But money, or lack of it, tops the list. Her redneck country house in rural Virginia that was left to her in her mom's will is the last place on earth Shiloh thought she'd find herself. As soon as the house sells, she can't wait to flee back to big-city life. But now the IRS is threatening to seize the house for back taxes while her half sister is contesting the will. And nobody's offering the big bucks Shiloh needs for the house.

To make matters worse, Shiloh finds her life unexpectedly entangled with a man who's all wrong for her and just as financially strapped. Plus, he's a local--settled in the one place she can't wait to leave. She wouldn't have noticed him before, but after giving her life to Jesus, everything looks different. When other more "suitable" men show up, can Shiloh lean on her new faith to see who's right? Or will circumstances overwhelm her fragile faith and budding romance?

My Thoughts:

After devouring book one yesterday, I went on to book two tonight. It was great to get back to the hills of ol' Virginny! The quirky yet genuine and down home folks are just so much fun. Like book one, Shiloh still can't understand all the ways of the south, but she appreciates it all the same. Well...mostly anyway. The first book was all about Shiloh finding peace and adapting to life in the south. Now that she's adapted (for the most part), she needs to figure out who this new Shiloh is. I loved how she has acclimated somewhat, yet still has so much to learn. Especially regarding hunting season and all that glorious fried food. One thing I can definitely give her props for is that she is not afraid to eat something new. She'll ask all sorts of questions about it first, but she will try it. I mean, if I were being introduced to some of that southern food for the first time, I'd probably turn up my nose at a lot of it. I'm not quite as adventurous as Shiloh. :)

One of the major parts to her story is Shiloh learning to let others in. To let them love her in spite of herself; learning what to hold on to, what to let go of, and that family isn't always the ones who are blood-related. The people who are there beside you no matter what, and pick you up again and again, that's family! And you don't let them go out of your life! Nosiree. Another big theme is of course her romance with Adam. It's sweet yet frustrating. One thing those two kids certainly need is a lesson in communication! Man are they bad at it! Which makes for some teeth gnashing moments where you just want to knock their heads together. As real relationships take a lot of work, so too does fictional ones.

Overall this was a fabulous story and now I can't wait for book three! I only have to wait until November, good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. That means you have a whole month to read books' one and two and you'll be ready for book three also! So what are you waiting for?

A fun passage for you:

"As for this place, well, they don't got no grits or nothin'. Kinda weird fancy stuff, I reckon, but I find somethin' ev'ry now an' then that don't crawl off my plate!"
He leaned closer to Kyoko and dropped his voice as if revealing a secret. "Speakin' a weird stuff, you really eat raw fish like Shah-loh here? I snagged a catfish the other day, but if ya saw the inside a that'n, ya'd never eat raw fish again. I guarantee it." He whipped out his cell phone. "Hold on. I got some pitchers in here somewhere! You ever eat spaghetti? It's kinda like that, but---"
"So, Todd," Kyoko interrupted loudly. "Do you draw anything else? I mean, anything that's not catfish?" She sent a look in Tim's direction.
"Why, ya don't like 'em?" asked Todd in surprise. "They're real good eatin'. But then again, they are bottom dwellers, so go figure."

Toodle-loo kangaroos! Happy reading!

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