November 7, 2012

Review: Unforgettable by Trish Perry

Unforgettable (When I Fall in Love)

About the Book:

Rachel Stanhope tries to see the good in everyone.But Josh Reegan tests even her good graces when they meet outside her Arlington, Virginia, dance studio in1951. He's attractive, yet his cynicism and cockiness are hard to tolerate. A journalist and former World War II Air Force pilot, Josh considers ballroom dancing a frivolous waste of time. Although Rachel's confident nature is a refreshing challenge, he wouldn't tangle with her if his newspaper hadn't assigned him to cover her studio's competition in New York City. Between the melodrama of ballroom antics and the real drama of political corruption, Rachel and Josh have their hands full. The last thing either of them expects is mutual need and support. But once they stop dancing around the truth, the results are unforgettable.

My Thoughts:

This is such a fun story! I read it last year and decided to visit it again to see if I'd like it as well the second time. I did! Rachel and Josh dance around one another (pun intended) as they try to figure out if the attraction they feel is worth pursuing. They certainly have a spark between them! But they've both been hurt before so they're a little hesitant. And the dancing! Granted I know absolutely nothing about ballroom dancing, but Ms. Perry seems to have done her homework regarding all the moves and proper stances and whatnot. Ballroom dancing seems quite fun actually. I've never tried it, but I might be able to do it if I had a patient teacher like Rachel seems to be. Rachel desperately wants her studio to do well and by hiring some new teachers and dancing in competition again, she is well on her way. Josh on the other hand makes a few mistakes and gets stuck in the Styles and Leisure section of his newspaper. Needless to say, he doesn't take this well and proceeds to use his frustration to anger Rachel, which he doesn't mean to do. But he can't seem to say the right thing, and keeps putting his foot in his mouth again and again and again. Rachel is much the same, reacting to Josh's comments badly and having to apologize herself. So they have quite a time of it initially, but there is no denying that they both feel that attraction. They certainly can't deny it to themselves! 

Josh also has to deal with trying to get sources to back him up on one of his articles, which will put him back in his editor's good graces. But of course, that's not a simple thing to do either. All of this takes place in the 1950s. A time when ballroom dancing was evidently quite popular. And trying to find sources for articles is a little more difficult with no internet to help. (I'm so used to being able to google something quick, that to imagine life without this ability is kind of hard now.) With dancing and research for stories and romance all tied in a bow, this is a sweet and cute way to spend a few hours of your time. It will make you smile! 

A fun passage:

"All right, I will. Why, then?"
He frowned. "Why then what?"
"Why did you call my studio a hundred times today?"
"Oh," he said. She brought a smile to his face. "I called to tell you that you're a shameless exaggerator."
"No, really. I never gave you a chance to tell me why you called."
He sighed. He thought that had been clear. He hated to say it again. "Just to tell you what a bad-mannered clod I was when we spoke last night."
She chuckled. "That's so cute."
"My humility?"
"No, that you thought I hadn't already figured that out on my own."

Toodle-loo kangaroos! Happy reading! :)


  1. Sounds really cute!
    And the cover reminds me of the song Unforgettable (have you heard it? It' beautiful about this guy who can't believe this awesome unforgettable girl thinks he's awesome too)

    I'll check this one out! thanks for the review :D

    1. I haven't heard the song, but I think it's mentioned at the end of the story. I'll check it out! :)


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