April 30, 2013

Review: Submerged by Dani Pettrey

Submerged (Alaskan Courage, #1)
Submerged (Alaskan Courage #1)

A sabotaged plane. Two dead deep-water divers. 

Yancey, Alaska was a quiet town . . . until the truth of what was hidden in the depths off the coast began to appear. 

Bailey Craig vowed never to set foot in Yancey again. She has a past, and a reputation--and Yancey's a small town. She's returned to bury a loved one killed in the plane crash and is determined not to stay even an hour more than necessary. But then dark evidence emerges and Bailey's own expertise becomes invaluable for the case. 

Cole McKenna can handle the deep-sea dives and helping the police recover evidence. He can even handle the fact that a murderer
has settled in his town and doesn't appear to be moving on. But dealing with the reality of Bailey's reappearance is a tougher challenge.
She broke his heart, but she is not the same girl who left Yancey. He let her down, but he's not the same guy she left behind. Can they move beyond the hurts of their pasts and find a future together?

Well. Remind me not to read this series late at night! Talk about suspense. Ms. Pettrey is certainly wonderful at setting the stage for lots of heart-pumping and tense moments. I was calmly reading in my room and about jumped out of my skin when our dog knocked against the door! :D I find it a little extra creepy (in a good way!) when authors add in bits and pieces here and there from the bad guy's point of view. You know, that ominous he/she that plots nefarious traps that our heroes/heroines fall into at some point. And which make me say "No, no! Don't do that! Don't go that way! Don't choose that path! What are you thinking?! Don't you know the bad guy is waiting for you there?" Of course, being as they're fictional, they don't listen to me. Nonetheless, the suspense kept me on pins and needles during much of the second half of the story. And I was reminded why I read mostly fluffy stories, because my heart rate appreciates those better. ;) But when suspense is this well done, what can I do but read it?

The synopsis makes it seem that the story focuses mainly on Bailey, which is true to a certain degree. But much more of the focus comes on Cole and his family. The McKenna's are a wonderful clan! Having lost both of their parents, the siblings are very close and love each other dearly. Which is completely obvious from the first introduction to them. I loved all their interactions, how they knew one another so thoroughly that they could predict exactly how they would all react to situations, how they teased each other and laughed together, how they made everyone around them feel like part of the family. They are an awesome bunch and they felt really real. That's how real families work and how they care for one another. 

Cole works to solve the puzzle of who the bad guys are before more people get murdered. Along with him is his good friend Landon, a deputy, who gets some time in the spotlight himself (setting us up nicely for book #2). But Bailey isn't in the background by any means. She has a heart full of aches and hurts from a past that she can't seem to move beyond. She's quite strong actually, even though she wouldn't agree with that. To leave a bad past and work to become mature in life and especially in her relationship with God takes a tremendous amount of strength. And stubbornness! She also refuses to see some things, especially herself, for what they truly are-amazing and strong. But the McKenna family, notably Cole, determines not to let her try to push everyone away. They can't help to include her and make her an "adopted" sister. Which is just what she needs, people behind her with support and love.

This was simply a whole lot of fun! Great suspense, wonderful romance, and a lively family to add much needed laughter amongst the murders and deep sea diving. Definitely well worth picking up and trying for yourself! It will keep you glued to your seat and anxious to see what's coming for the rest of the McKenna clan in the upcoming books. :)

"She'd remained so stiff during the service-a blank expression on her face, her jaw rigid. 
His heart went out to her. For all she was going through and all she'd been through.
She'd always put on a brave front, pretending the crude nickname and teasing gossip didn't hurt her. Maybe it hadn't, but he doubted it.
She couldn't help but feel something at being used by the boys and teased by the girls. Never having any true friends, no real love outside of Agnes. Maybe he should have been kinder. Tried harder. Shown some mercy and forgiveness. But he'd been hurt too. He'd loved her once, and she'd stomped on his heart without any remorse.
He sighed.
If he'd been a true friend, he would have tried yanking her back from the slippery slope she was hurtling down, instead of standing by and watching her self-destruct."

April 29, 2013

Review: Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal

Shades of Milk and Honey (Glamourist Histories, #1)
Shades of Milk and Honey (Glamourist Histories #1)

Shades of Milk and Honey is an intimate portrait of Jane Ellsworth, a woman ahead of her time in a version of Regency England where the manipulation of glamour is considered an essential skill for a lady of quality. But despite the prevalence of magic in everyday life, other aspects of Dorchester’s society are not that different: Jane and her sister Melody’s lives still revolve around vying for the attentions of eligible men.

Jane resists this fate, and rightly so: while her skill with glamour is remarkable, it is her sister who is fair of face, and therefore wins the lion’s share of the attention. At the ripe old age of twenty-eight, Jane has resigned herself to being invisible forever. But when her family’s honor is threatened, she finds that she must push her skills to the limit in order to set things right–and, in the process, accidentally wanders into a love story of her own.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this one. Jane Austen and magic? However I've read such glowing reviews, so I'm glad to say that it lived up to them! Ms. Kowal very seamlessly adds the magic (called glamour in the story) into the time period really well. It's not explained how it works exactly, yet it's such a part of every day life for everyone that it doesn't really matter. Enough detail is given to satisfy the reader. The glamour is used all around the house, mostly for decorative purposes. But it can be used for other reasons, some of which Jane learns about during the story. One of the things about this type of glamour is not everyone can use it. And some are much more adept at it than others. Jane especially is exceptionally good at using it. Her sister Melody on the other hand, not so much. It takes a deft hand to fold and stretch it into the forms you want it to take and to tie it off so the glamour holds in that position and doesn't disappear. Melody's hands were too clumsy to be able to do the intricate details needed to make wonderful glamurals.

Ms. Kowal seems to know the time period well and her writing reflects that. With the spelling of some words in the Old English way (at least I'm assuming) and with how the characters act. It felt like a story that Ms. Austen herself could have written, aside from the magic of course. It begins pretty slow, this is a regency novel after all, and the characters spend most of their time talking and visiting each other. But then about three quarters of the way through, some true excitement begins and suddenly there's about six or seven threads that are finally all coming together at once! It certainly kept me glued to the story to find out what happens. 

Jane and her family have great interactions, her mother being pretty flighty and given to nerves like Mrs. Bennet from P&P and her father more level-headed. I liked them both. But I didn't like Melody her sister, all that well. We're told from the very beginning that Jane and Melody are close, Jane being the eldest and plain-looking, while Melody is young and beautiful. Jane herself states several times that she loves Melody dearly and repeatedly gives over to Melody's requests and wishes. But I could never find a reason why Jane would love Melody so much, aside from being family. Melody whines a lot, and gets jealous of Jane's ability with glamour which leads to her saying lots of hurtful things. In fact Melody says a tremendous amount of hurtful things to Jane, and even when finally apologizing near the end, still Jane does most of the giving in the relationship. Melody just seems to take and take, and though finally admitting that she's grateful for all that Jane did for her, I still couldn't muster up any sympathy or likeable-ness about her. Jane is quite sweet however, with a little fiestiness too!

I really did enjoy this story. As an Austen-enthusiast, it was right up my alley! Delightful and funny and the love-interest adds much cute-ness also! He's certainly on his way to becoming very Mr. Darcy-like, if not for Jane's sweet influence. This is book #1 in a series, yet it can be read as a stand-alone quite easily. And I actually like this cover a lot! Much better than the sequel, it fits the story really well, I think. If you enjoy Jane Austen, I'm sure you'd love this one. Try it! :)

"Thought she did not intend to watch, Jane could hardly fail to notice the effect of Miss FitzCameron's faint. Lady FitzCameron rushed forward, crying, "Livia!" and then directed the two closest gentlemen to help carry her ailing daughter to the side of the floor. By coincidence, Miss FitzCameron had been overcome when the figures of the dance carried her between Captain Livingston and Mr. Dunkirk, surely two of the most eligible bachelors in the room.
So neatly did she remove these gentlemen from the ladies on which they were attendant that Jane began to wonder if, in fact, it were not deliberate. Had anyone save her noticed, or was it a mere accident of timing? Miss Dunkirk looked lost on the dance floor without a partner, so Jane slipped through the crowd to her father, and suggested that he escort the young woman."

April 26, 2013

Sweet Simple Things {via instagram}

“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”
~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sleepy puppies lying in the warm sun.

Comic strips that come true.

Awesome weekends that inspire me.

Things I love.

Winning at bunco.

Phrases I seem to say too often!

Coworkers who give little surprises.

A stack of favorite stories.

April 25, 2013

Cute Couples {Christian Fiction Edition}

After trying to decide who I'd pick as my favorite couples from fiction over at Rissi's blog, I decided to do my own list! And since I read such a diverse group of stories, I'm going to break my list up into different genre's. Today I'm going with christian fiction.

Note: this is my list of favorite couples right now. It is subject to change as other books get added to my favorites list. Also! They are in no particular order. I simply couldn't pick an absolute favorite. I like them all for all kinds of reason. And thirdly, there are quite possibly going to be spoilers ahead if you haven't read these books! Duly warned.

~ ~ ~

DJ and Bella ~ Weddings by Bella series by Janice Thompson

What to say about these two? They are adorable and cute and in love with each other. Plus their families are awesome! DJ and Bella have the best chemistry. And there's no denying it, they both know it as soon as they meet the first time. :)

On Sparrow Hill (The Oak Leaves #2)Quentin and Rebecca ~ On Sparrow Hill 
by Maureen Lang

They too have great chemistry. I'm not sure what it is about their story that keeps me so invested in their future. Maybe that Quentin refuses to give up once he sets his sights on Rebecca? And he respects her enough to let her set some boundaries and cares about her interests and who she is as a person. He takes really good care of her, which is what she needs.

Jack and Maya ~ Maya Davis series by Erynn Mangum

Best friends who turn into boyfriends are a favorite of mine. And Jack? He's a keeper. Enough said. :D

Moon Over TokyoEric and Allie ~ Moon Over Tokyo 
by Siri Mitchell

Her high school antagonist who suddenly seems pretty attractive now that they're no longer in high school. Something about the country of Japan itself just really adds to this story. Trying to live in a country where you don't speak the language is hard. But they help one another, sometimes grudgingly and sometimes willingly.

Raul and Lauren ~ The Shape of Mercy 
by Susan Meissner

They don't have tons of screen time together, but what there is is filled with misunderstandings and quiet caring and sweetness. This story simply wouldn't be as good without their little interactions. Plus Raul inadvertently helps Lauren to learn some things about herself and desire to change.

Stephen and Alexa ~ A Seahorse in the Thames 
by Susan Meissner

Sweetness and caring. I just love them together. They have quiet moments because it's necessary, but they are so cute!

My Hands Came Away Red
Kyle and Cori ~ My Hands Came Away Red 
by Lisa McKay

There are no words to do justice to this story! If you haven't read it, then what on earth are you waiting for?! Go read it right now!!

Adam and Shiloh ~ Southern Fried Sushi 
series by Jennifer Rogers Spinola

Slow and steady wins the race. That applies very well to this couple. They take it slow, get to know each other first, but they are so sweet together. And lovingly care for each other through all the ups and downs they go through. Plus Adam's a true southern gentlemen!

Cassius and Roxanna ~ The Colonel's Lady by Laura Frantz

A gruff but swoonworthy hero and the lady who loves him. :)

Maddox and Harriet ~ Splitting Harriet by Tamara Leigh

These two. Oh these two! They bicker and frustrate each other and yet neither can deny their attraction try as they might. They make me laugh every single time I read this story!

~ ~ ~

Well, there you have it folks. I did end up with 10 couples. And there were many others I could have added! But perhaps I'll save those for a part 2 someday. Anyway, what do you think? Have any favorites I missed?

April 24, 2013

A Flowery And Romantic Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. April showers bring May flowers...what have you been showered with this month?

Friendships! Both online and off. In real life, I've had several friends call and invite me to this or that and it's been lovely. I've always had friends, mind you. And we often get together and do things, but I've just felt closer to them this month than previously. That probably sounds silly. Ah well. As for online friends, I've been having a blast getting to know some fabulous gals through blogging and goodreads! Friendships are such a wonderful part of our lives. :)

2. What is the nature of compassion? Is it learned or innate? Can compassion be learned? If you're a parent is this something you've purposely sought to instill in your children, and if so how?

I'd probably say a bit of both. Some people seem born with extra amounts and give it more freely. But I definitely think it can be and should be learned! This world needs compassionate people.

3. Do you prefer to watch romantic comedy or romantic drama...or are you rolling your eyes saying bring on the action flicks?

Definitely a romantic comedy kind of gal! I do enjoy romantic dramas and even some action flicks, but romantic comedies are the ones I'll rewatch countless times. :D

4. It's April which means baseball season is officially upon us here in the US of A. Humphrey Bogart is quoted as saying "A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz." Agree or Disagree?

Well, as I've never actually had roast beef at the Ritz, I can't really speak for that option. But hot dogs on the other hand? I love hot dogs! Regardless of how unhealthy they may be for you, they are a staple at my house. If there's absolutely nothing else to eat, I can fix a hot dog. (It's okay, you can think I'm crazy. I don't mind. :)

But you probably weren't looking for a literal answer, huh? So figuratively speaking, I'd still go for the hot dog option because I'm not a formal type of person. Oh, I wouldn't mind eating at the Ritz at least once (just for the experience), but at the end of the day I'd rather go somewhere I'm comfortable. And I'm a casual, comfy, relaxed type of person who doesn't really enjoy dressing to the nines. Actually, I don't think I've ever dressed to the nines in my life!

5. What's something in your community or city that needs fixing or improving?

I think the roads could use some re-paving.

6. Share a song you enjoy that mentions flowers or a specific flower in its title.

I had a hard time trying to remember one! But then I remembered this: A Rose Among the Thorns

7. April 22nd is Earth Day...do you believe there's life on other planets? That wasn't the question you were expecting was it?

Certainly wasn't the question I was expecting! And as for my answer? Well, not really sure I believe there is. Don't really think it matters one way or another for me though. I'm quite content to live my life here without worrying about it.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 

Thinking about romantic comedies made me try to decide what some of my favorites are. The list I came up with is:

There are others, of course. But these ten were the first to come to mind. What are some of your favorite movies?

April 23, 2013

Review: The Ryn by Serena Chase

The Ryn (Eyes of E'veria, #1)
The Ryn (Eyes of E'veria, #1)

DESTINED by prophecy. GUARDED by deception. PURSUED by Love.

Centuries ago, an oracle foretold of the young woman who would defeat E’veria’s most ancient enemy, the Cobelds. But after two centuries of relative peace, both the prophecy and the Cobelds have been relegated to lore—and only a few remain watchful for the promised Ryn.

Finally, a child is born who matches the oracle’s description, but a Cobeld curse accompanies her birth. Led to believe they succeeded in killing the prophesied child, the Cobelds emerge from hiding with plans to overtake the Kingdom.

But the child survived.

Secreted away and called “Rose” for the first nineteen years of her life, Rynnaia E'veri has no idea of her true identity until a chance meeting with an injured knight reveals not only her parentage and true name, but the task assigned her by the oracle: discover the Remedy that will destroy the Cobelds' power.

Now, her time has come.

Offered the assistance of pirates, scribes, storytellers, a young woman who died centuries ago, and the knight who is quickly working his way into her heart, Rynnaia is fortified with friends. But if the Ryn is to complete her task, she must come to terms with not only who she is, but for whom she must be willing to die. For the kingdom’s survival depends on her.

Wow! Wowwowwow. I was blown away by this story! Ms. Chase is an excellent writer. Her ability to keep me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next was incredible. Especially as she'd always put some small, quiet moment right smack dab in the middle of a tense scene and made me wait just a little bit longer to find out what came next. I think my heart was in my throat during the entire first half of the story! In a good way, of course. :) I've always been a fan of fairytales and allegorical fantasy, this story is a great mix of both. The world-building is well-imagined and described. The people and the places, and it's all revealed a little here and there. The reader knows about as much as Rose does, so we discover all the secrets right along with her. Which means there are a couple moments when we get information dumps that slow things down a little in the second half. But Rose needs to know and so do we. And the revelations are so compelling that I could overlook the slower pace without any problems. 

Interestingly, the first half of the book is written in third person and the second half in first person. Which sounds different, but it worked really well here. The change happens at a moment that makes total sense. I wasn't expecting it so it surprised me, but Ms. Chase handled it well. And of course you can't have a fairytale without a little romance. (Her very own knight in shining armor perhaps? ;) But just a little mind you. The romance really takes a backseat during much of the story. You see hints here and there, but not a whole lot of forward movement until late in the game. Yet we do end up with several very sweet moments that made me smile. (And anxiously awaiting further development in book two!)

With cursed beards, bear-men, pirates, storytellers, and knights, as well as so many friends (as well as enemies) surrounding our heroine, this is an adventure you don't want to miss! I know this review is pretty short and vague, but I really do think you need to go into the story not entirely sure what's going to happen. There are many mysteries to be solved and half the fun is not knowing how or what is ahead. Or who this or that person is. Of course, we know good will prevail, it always does. But it may take a beating before it reaches its goal. And the story ends on a note that makes me anxious to know what's gong to come next for our little band of heroes! Trust me. Get this one. Read it. It'll sweep you away to the lovely land of E'veria and into the hearts of its people. Then take heart once you're done, because book two is already out! :D

"Gladiel lifted a hand to smooth his beard, but Rose knew he was only trying to hide a smile. After a moment, he lowered his hand. "Would it anger you more if I were to tell you that you reminded me of your father just then?" 
Rose thought to deny it, but at the last second changed her mind. "Mostly likely, yes." 
"In that case," Gladiel said with a wink that drained Rose's anger, "I will keep that thought to myself."

"When it touches your soul, truth is like fire," he began. "As you know, when we rest too close to the fire we quickly become uncomfortable. Too close and it even becomes painful. But that doesn't always mean we should try to elude its flames."

April 21, 2013

Lovely Links To Allure

So I'm borrowing this idea from Rissi. Just mentioning a few of the places and things that caught my eye recently. :)

This video hits me hard. How do I view myself vs. how do others view me?

I always laugh at these drawings! Such a great little moment and boy have I been in similar situations before. Much to my embarrassment. ;P

If you think about it, this question is actually really valid! She doesn't exactly give him an answer.

Even now, a couple weeks later, I'm still pretty excited that I knew all the answers to this quiz!

I admit that I've watched the last few videos multiples times since this show ended. I need my Dizzie fix!

I'm so excited for Erynn's new book coming out in May! She has yet to disappoint me, I've loved all her stories. Have you read any of her books? She's great at writing comedic scenes.

I loved seeing Kristin's pics on Friday. There's nothing like being reminded of home. The hills of VA are a lovely place to be! (And no, they don't need to forgive anyone, that's only for San Francisco. ;)

Xenia did an excellent review of a favorite movie of mine. Haven't watched it in ages, now I want to again. But I agree that Meg Ryan's hair was atrocious in this.

Iris has a fun giveaway going on over on her blog right now. Go check it out! She always has fun ideas and great encouragement.

These thoughts on comparison are so true. It's entirely too easy to compare myself to others and find that I come up severely lacking. Not one of us is really any better off than anyone else, we all struggle every single day. Some are just better at hiding it than others.

I liked Trish's list. I agree with all of her choices, but I'm not sure I could narrow my list down to only ten. It's kind of like picking a favorite book, nearly impossible to do!

I'm pretty intrigued by this news! Although I'm very, very certain that it won't surpass the awesome newer version. Richard Armitage for the win! ;D

Love this post. Tea is very comforting for me. I love to have time to sit and just savor my cup of tea in the mornings. Of course, I only ever have time to do this on the weekends, but I do love it. :)

So what has caught your eye in the last week?

Toodle-loo kangaroos!

April 19, 2013

I Wonder.......

I wonder....why some days I can pick up a book and start reading and not put it down, while other days I have trouble getting into any book I try?

I wonder....how writers/authors sit down and write a story that is able to speak to my heart and fill it up with beautiful words?

I wonder....how, with just 26 letters, there are so many different ways to string them together and create lovely stories?

I wonder....where I would be without books in my house and always around me?

I wonder....what other people do who don't enjoy reading?

I wonder....at the feelings that come over me when I think of a favorite story?

I wonder....how anyone is able to pick just one favorite story?

I wonder....what life would be like without my mother to encourage my love of reading?

I wonder....if I would ever be able to write a story myself?

I wonder....how imaginations work, when two people can read a story and understand it two different ways and yet both are right?

I wonder....how many of my readers will make it down this far?

I wonder....if any of those readers would be interested in a book giveaway?

I wonder....if anybody would even participate?

I wonder....

Toodle-loo kangaroos!

April 18, 2013

Review: Attempting Elizabeth by Jessica Grey

Attempting Elizabeth
Attempting Elizabeth

About the Book:

Kelsey Edmundson is a geek and proud of it. She makes no secret of her love for TV, movies, and, most especially, books. After a bad breakup, she retreats into her favorite novel, Pride and Prejudice, wishing she had some of the wit and spirit of Elizabeth Bennett.

One night at a party Kelsey meets handsome Australian bartender Mark Barnes. From then on, she always seems to run into him when she least expects it. No matter how Kelsey tries, she always seems to say the wrong thing.

After a particularly gaffe-filled evening around Mark, Kelsey is in desperate need of inspiration from Jane Austen. She falls asleep reading Darcy’s letter to Lizzy and awakens to find herself in an unfamiliar place that looks and sounds suspiciously like her favorite book. Has she somehow been transported into Pride and Prejudice, or is it just a dream?

As Kelsey tries to discover what’s happening to her, she must also discover her own heart. Is Mark Barnes destined to be her Mr. Darcy? In the end, she must decide whether attempting to become Elizabeth is worth the risk or if being Kelsey Edmundson is enough.

My Thoughts:

This was so fun! I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but Kelsey quickly won me over with her nerdiness and her love of staying home with a good book (most likely Pride and Prejudice, her favorite). I absolutely loved that she was more Darcy-like than Lizzy-like! Definitely a great plan by Ms. Grey. The social awkwardness, the open-mouth-insert-foot moments, jumping to wrong assumptions, her interactions with Mark were hilarious. They could never seem to have a full conversation without offending one another. 

And speaking of Mark. Handsome with an Aussie accent makes for a great combo! And he certainly makes Kelsey flare up like nobody's business. They have fabulous chemistry and try hard as she can to deny it, Kelsey realizes it. But something about Mark sets off her awkward button and she always seems to say the wrong thing. I loved the first half of the story where they keep running into one another and being forced into conversations and wanted that part to last a bit longer. 

The first transition into the actual story of P&P came a little too quick for me, but I soon got sucked into Kelsey's confusion and "lunacy". For she was sure that she was hallucinating and was, in reality, locked up in an asylum somewhere. As she tries to understand exactly what's going on and keeps re-setting her day over and over, her reasoning and thought processes are so funny. And it does take a little while, but she eventually finds her way home again. She actually ends up returning to the story multiple times. All while dealing (or not) with her real life attraction to Mark and also trying to understand her own self. She's working on her Master's and is slightly worried about what her future holds. A hot guy and the ability to travel into a book make for loads of distractions from that. 

Yet sometimes she wants that distraction because hello, she gets to experience her favorite story as if it were real. It was certainly helpful that Kelsey knew P&P so well, as she had lines to say to keep the story moving. And she had to keep the story moving so she could meet Mr. Darcy! Imagine seeing him in the flesh! Just as Jane Austen imagined him and just as swoon-worthy as you expected. That part is rather awesome in Kelsey's mind. She'd stay there a lot longer if the real world (and Mark) wouldn't keep calling her back. 

The transitions from real world to book world were smooth, but you never find out exactly how it works or why it works. Which is okay. The story didn't need all the details of how, it simply needed to happen to push the story onward. Traveling into the story also helps Kelsey understand herself a bit better. She sees some of her flaws in the characters, which helps her grow and change. And ultimately be ready for a guy like Mark to sweep her off her feet. Because of course he's going to do that! It's just the journey to that point that's so entertaining.

A Favorite Passage:
"Yes, I know Narnia isn't real." I paused for a minute. Did I really know that? I mean, I got into Pride and Prejudice, could I get into The Chronicles of Narnia too? Or maybe into Anne of Green Gables? Or-total nerd meltdown alert-any Star Wars book? I felt a cold sweat break out my forehead at the thought. Holy magical book jumper, Batman! Could I be Princess Leia?"

Toodle-loo kangaroos!

April 17, 2013

Cover Reveal: The Remedy by Serena Chase

I am quite pleased to show you the cover for The Remedy today! It's book two in Serena Chase's Eyes of E'veria series. Book one is The Ryn which I just recently started and so far I'm really enjoying it. Serena's blog is one of my favorites, so when I heard they were looking for help in getting the word out for her new book, I was happy to oblige. :)

I really do like this cover. It complements the first book extremely well I think. Such pretty colors and a simple design. I love that you can see almost a whole world in her eyes. It gives the idea that there is so much more going on inside her that we can't see physically. I like her hair color too. What are your thoughts?

About the Author:

A life-long lover of fairy tales, Serena Chase is the author of THE RYN (3/26/13) and THE REMEDY (April 2013).  Together, these two novels comprise an expanded re-imaging of the classic Grimm fairy tale, Snow White & Rose Red and are the first two books in the Eyes of E’veria series.
A frequent contributor to USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog and Edgy Inspirational Romance, Serena lives in Iowa with her husband, two daughters, and a white golden-doodle named Albus.  She has been known to live vicariously through her hair, however, so don’t be too surprised if she looks a tad different from one day to the next.  We all have our vices.

Connect with Serena

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