April 19, 2013

I Wonder.......

I wonder....why some days I can pick up a book and start reading and not put it down, while other days I have trouble getting into any book I try?

I wonder....how writers/authors sit down and write a story that is able to speak to my heart and fill it up with beautiful words?

I wonder....how, with just 26 letters, there are so many different ways to string them together and create lovely stories?

I wonder....where I would be without books in my house and always around me?

I wonder....what other people do who don't enjoy reading?

I wonder....at the feelings that come over me when I think of a favorite story?

I wonder....how anyone is able to pick just one favorite story?

I wonder....what life would be like without my mother to encourage my love of reading?

I wonder....if I would ever be able to write a story myself?

I wonder....how imaginations work, when two people can read a story and understand it two different ways and yet both are right?

I wonder....how many of my readers will make it down this far?

I wonder....if any of those readers would be interested in a book giveaway?

I wonder....if anybody would even participate?

I wonder....

Toodle-loo kangaroos!


  1. I think the various readings of a story have much to do with various experiences people have gone through... each of us sees a bit of their own life in there, I think, even if it's just a little bit.

    1. Good point Hana. I just think it's so fascinating that one story is read and interpreted in so many ways and perhaps even different than what the author may have been thinking when they wrote it.

      ...each of us sees a bit of their own life in there... So true! We read with our own experiences in mind and therefore it colors the story in a way that someone else wouldn't see because their experiences are different than ours. Well said! :)

  2. How could one pick just ONE fave story! Excellent question.

    Sure you could write a story, Kara! Go for it - it's daunting but fun at the same time. Me? I don't finish one and instead have, like three WIP that makes me all the more aware how much I NEED to finish at least one of them. Just another of those "someday" dreams. :)

    Hey, a giveaway would be great! :) They are always fun. Go for it!

    1. Picking one favorite just isn't possible for me, I don't think. I love all kinds of stories for all kinds of reasons!

      Thanks for the encouragement, Rissi! I imagine myself writing something but the actual doing? Doesn't seem to happen. It just looks overwhelming I suppose. Dreams are lovely to have though and it is a dream of mine. So perhaps I'll try it someday. :D

      And thanks for the input also!

  3. I get like that sometimes, where I am devouring books like crazy and then all of a sudden, like a light switch, my interest-meter bottoms out completely and I just can't continue...for strings of books at a time...weird. NOt sure. But how I love that my imagination is let loose when I do find a good book and can create any story world...usually I choose my own version and go with ideas as far as character looks and settings sometimes that are different than what the author describes...I know, that's bad. I guess that is the fledgling writer in me wanting to create my own story from scratch...and I am trying and I think you should too!! It's so much fun.

    Writing is magical though. Words are so full of power and light and life and even death. It's no wonder, I mean God spoke a word and BAM, creation came into existence...He spoke another one, and you and I were created from nothing. Words are sooo powerful :))))

    I like the idea of this post and all your wonderings :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw, thank you Jeanine! Way to brighten my day! (Or night I suppose, since I should probably be in bed right now.)

      SO glad you understand. It's funny when I love to read so much, yet some days no book will keep my attention at all.

      And you're not bad! Books are there for our imaginations. How we read them and view them is up to us. And actually, I sometimes do that same thing. Perhaps I simply can't picture the hair color the author describes-therefore I come up with a person in my head that suits me better and I read happily on. I think this is perfectly okay. And perfectly sane too! ;P Maybe that's the miniscule writer in me! Thanks for the encouragement. :)

      Words are powerful and magical. And what a great point! God's power can be and is demonstrated through His words. So it makes complete sense that our words would be powerful also, since we're in His image. Maybe not the same way, but certainly still powerful. I love that!


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