April 21, 2013

Lovely Links To Allure

So I'm borrowing this idea from Rissi. Just mentioning a few of the places and things that caught my eye recently. :)

This video hits me hard. How do I view myself vs. how do others view me?

I always laugh at these drawings! Such a great little moment and boy have I been in similar situations before. Much to my embarrassment. ;P

If you think about it, this question is actually really valid! She doesn't exactly give him an answer.

Even now, a couple weeks later, I'm still pretty excited that I knew all the answers to this quiz!

I admit that I've watched the last few videos multiples times since this show ended. I need my Dizzie fix!

I'm so excited for Erynn's new book coming out in May! She has yet to disappoint me, I've loved all her stories. Have you read any of her books? She's great at writing comedic scenes.

I loved seeing Kristin's pics on Friday. There's nothing like being reminded of home. The hills of VA are a lovely place to be! (And no, they don't need to forgive anyone, that's only for San Francisco. ;)

Xenia did an excellent review of a favorite movie of mine. Haven't watched it in ages, now I want to again. But I agree that Meg Ryan's hair was atrocious in this.

Iris has a fun giveaway going on over on her blog right now. Go check it out! She always has fun ideas and great encouragement.

These thoughts on comparison are so true. It's entirely too easy to compare myself to others and find that I come up severely lacking. Not one of us is really any better off than anyone else, we all struggle every single day. Some are just better at hiding it than others.

I liked Trish's list. I agree with all of her choices, but I'm not sure I could narrow my list down to only ten. It's kind of like picking a favorite book, nearly impossible to do!

I'm pretty intrigued by this news! Although I'm very, very certain that it won't surpass the awesome newer version. Richard Armitage for the win! ;D

Love this post. Tea is very comforting for me. I love to have time to sit and just savor my cup of tea in the mornings. Of course, I only ever have time to do this on the weekends, but I do love it. :)

So what has caught your eye in the last week?

Toodle-loo kangaroos!


  1. Gah! Fun post! :)

    First, Rissi is awesome, as is her blog! :)

    Second, Heather's posts are hilarious!! And I LOVED her book, Entwined. :) Seriously hoping her next one will be published soon!

    Third, I also love Kate & Leopold! The characters, the humor, the time travel, the romance... Such a great movie. :) But I do agree that her haircut wasn't really the best. :P However, I think it does a good job of setting up the contrast between this tomboyish, modern woman and this old-fashioned, well-mannered gentleman, you know?

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Yes, Rissi is very awesome, isn't she? :D

      I haven't read her book, but I absolutely love her posts. When I need a smile, I go to that very page!

      I see what your saying about her hair making her tomboyish, and modern. So in that respect, yes it did its job. But it just wasn't flattering on Meg. I don't know, I guess I just thought her cute-factor was missing a little bit on account of that. But it sure doesn't take away my love this movie! Leopold is simply a swoon-worthy hero if there ever was one. (Okay, so I admit he's a big reason why I love it so much.) ;P

      Thank you Amber!

  2. Hahahahahaha! Those drawings! Yeah, um, I sing random stuff aloud in public far too often. And it's always something odd. like "Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!" Oh well.

    Patrick Stewart! I need to find this old N&S! Ohhhhh, Patrick Stewart. I have never ever ever been disappointed by him.

    1. Oh, Hamlette. ME TOO! Well, not that particular song, but I definitely sing in the car then get embarrassed but do it again another day. And thanks for making me laugh! :D

      I am very curious about this version of N&S. It will be interesting to see how Patrick Stewart plays it. Hopefully he's pretty swoon-worthy too! ;)

    2. In the car? Dear Kara, I sing in parking lots, the middle of Target... it does help that I have kids and can pretend I was making them happy :-)

      I remember singing a bit of "A Man's Gotta Do What a Man's Gotta Do" from Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog in the middle of a parking lot once, and getting a very weird look from a woman walking to her car.

    3. haha! I can't say I've ever tried singing in Target. But the kids excuse sounds perfect! If ever I decide to try it, I'll have to remember to bring a friend's children with me I suppose. ;P

      Hey! A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do! I'd perhaps sing along with you if I were there. I'm a little braver when I'm not doing it by myself. And besides, that woman probably could use a little more fun and silly things in her life. Those who find it strange when other people are silly, usually need more of it themselves. Don't you think? :D

    4. I agree -- silliness is good, and people who frown on it (unless it's totally inappropriate, like at a funeral or something) are pesky and dull.

      The trouble is, you see, that I know a song lyric for almost every situation, and I belt them out regularly at home, so I'm totally in the habit, and I forget I'm in public now and then.

      I also sing along with the piped-in music in stores. I was in JCPenney's the other day, singing my made-up lyrics for "That's What Makes You Beautiful" to myself as I shopped, and I got an eyebrows-up from a middle-aged bore. I grinned and sang louder.

    5. I love it! Truly I do! I think I need to go shopping with you sometime. Sounds like a ton of fun! haha :D (And that was a great response to that person by the way. Pesky and dull indeed!)

      I've experienced other people singing or laughing or whatnot in stores before, and it always makes me smile. Life's not always dull, it's happy! We should be happy people! Wherever we are, being happy can only bring happiness to others. That's my opinion anyway.

      Please don't stop doing that! Not that you were planning to, I know. But it just inspires me to imagine you going about your daily chores and singing who knows what. I'm serious. It really does! Perhaps I should adopt this quirk.

    6. Do it! Make up your own lyrics about what you're doing, make a game of finding the right lyric for whatever situation you're in -- it's loads of fun. Helps that I know hundreds of songs, lol. I sing "Splish Splash" to my kids when i give them baths, I know three or four songs about rain that I sing when it's raining, I know a song about walking in the sunshine, and so on and so forth.

      Spreading sunshine is one of my favorite activities. You're right, I will probably always sing in public. My kids may hate me when they're teens, though.

      (BTW, my made-up lyrics to TWMYB are very repetitive and I don't blame the woman for wondering if I was a lunatic, since I was singing, "Oh, I love Thor, I love Thor, and my Thor loves me! Yeah, I love Thor, I love Thor, and my Thor loves me...")

    7. Oh Hamlette. Every answer you give just makes me laugh more! I think we're kindred spirits or something. ;D

      And it's a mom's prerogative to embarrass her teenagers! I mean, what teen hasn't been embarrassed of their mom at some point or other? You're just getting a head start! Okay, maybe that's not reassuring. Never mind.

      This world and the people around us could stand quite a bit more of sunshine-spreading happening around them. Especially with all that everyone is stressing about these days.

      Smiling and singing are a great cure for the blues. I mean, you're cheering other people yes, but you cheer yourself up too. That's what I was thinking when I read your suggestions above. Regardless of what others may think of me, singing cheers me up. Why wouldn't I want to be cheerful especially at those moments I dread. Like grocery shopping for example. Thanks for the inspiration!

    8. I'm beginning to suspect we are kindred spirits :-)

      I definitely sing to cheer myself up! And cheer my kids up. Music hath those charms, you know.

      But why do you dread grocery shopping? I love it! Much more than clothes shopping, which generally annoys me.

    9. Music absolutely has those charms!

      Oh grocery shopping. I'm glad you enjoy it. All I know is that I put it off and put it off until there's nothing left in the house to eat and than I finally force myself to go. I don't really have any special reason, it's just one of those jobs that annoy me. Actually, while sitting here trying to decide exactly why I don't like it, I honestly have no idea. I just know that I don't. Crazy huh? That makes no sense, I do realize, yet it's still the way I feel. I'd just rather the food all appeared in my fridge magically! :)

    10. I have another friend who loathes grocery shopping too, and puts it off all the time. Huh. Takes all kinds, I guess!

    11. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who dreads it! But I do like to eat, so it must be done. Hee. Yup, good thing there's something for everyone to enjoy (or not). :D

  3. Gah! Cannot believe I missed checking out your "Link Love," Kara! This is a fun concept, isn't it!? Can't remember where I first saw it. Wish I were clever enough to keep these and Little Letters around more frequently. :)

    Ooooh! A 1970's N&S...? Huh, not thinking that will be very good. I usually ALAWAYS prefer the re-make just because of the advancement in production quality, etc. Plus who will be able to pass Richard and Daniela!? I mean, really. ;)

    Glad you have an author whose books you enjoy with a new book about to release - that is always fun. :)

    1. It is fun, Rissi! I hope you don't mind that I seem to borrow so many ideas from you. Your ideas are awesome though! And did you say "clever enough"? Girl, you astound me with your all around awesome-ness! I spend waaayy too much time over at your blog filling up your comment boxes. You inspire me. I wish I were half as clever as you. (Seriously) :D

      Yeah, I don't think anyone could EVER pass Richard and Daniela! Not possible. That N&S will always be my favorite. But I'm definitely intrigued by trying to imagine Patrick Stewart in that role. Just out of curiosity of course. ;)

      Me too! It's funny. As much as I say that I don't have too many author's whose entire works I enjoy, Erynn Mangum is one of the exceptions. So far I have loved every single story she's written. So I'm thrilled she has a new one coming soon. VERY soon, yay!


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