April 12, 2013

Story Moments

I read it over and over and over!

Actually I should perhaps clarify that a little. When I say I read it over and over, I'm really talking about reading my favorite scenes over and over.

There are always those moments in the story where a particular scene really strikes me. Perhaps it's the moment when the romantic portion of the plot has a significant advancement. Or maybe it's a tender moment between characters who go from being antagonistic and misunderstanding of one another to understanding and forgiving one another. Or even when there's a group of characters together simply having a good time. It could also be a quiet moment when all I read are a character's thoughts and feelings and I connect with that exact confusion or happiness.

(Okay, okay! I'll be honest. It's definitely those romantic scenes that get read again. I'm a hopeless romantic.)

Regardless of what moments stand out, I find myself doing this little routine just about every single time:
  1. I close the book (or go back to the home screen of my Kindle) and stare at the cover for a while just thinking about the story. 
  2. I get this little itch to read a certain scene again, because it was just so wonderful/awesome/heartbreaking!, and proceed to open the book again. 
  3. I spend some time savoring those little scenes with the addition of hindsight. Now that I know exactly what's going to happen, it's so much fun to read that moment again with that knowledge!
I do this with just about every book I read, because unless I absolutely hated the story (which is incredibly rare), every book has at least one scene that I want to read again. Just once more. Maybe.


If I loved the story....then I just may spend another hour reading over my favorite parts again. And again. And again. And again!

Because that's my point. I can read a great scene several times in a row and love it even more with each reading! I can even get kind of obsessive over it. As in, hours or even days after I've read it, I'm still thinking about it. Perhaps each evening when I come home I pick up the book, simply to read that certain scene once again. For the millionth time.

A truly amazing writer can fill their story with these sorts of scenes. Unforgettable scenes. Or even unforgettable lines! There can be certain quotes that I read again simply because they're so beautiful.

When the moment or the line is just that good, when something about it just hits me a certain way, I want to relive that pleasure again. That's the beauty of it. That's why my bookshelves are overflowing. That's why I buy books and give them a home. That's why I read.

That's it. That's why I read.

For the beauty and pleasure and adventure and romance and epic-ness and every other thing or adjective that books make me feel. I love it! :)

But wait! I'm not done.

This happens when I love a movie or mini-series too! If I'm watching it by myself, I'll go back and rewatch my favorite scenes again. Take for instance, North and South with Richard Armitage. The first time I watched it, I rewatched the very last scene ten or twenty a few times. I still rewatch this scene! I have yet to get tired of it.

Sorry. Just had to sneak that in there. ;P

Whatever you're reading or watching today, I hope there's one particular scene or a particular line that you fall in love with. One worth reading or watching again and again. One that sticks with you long after you've put the book away and refuses to let you go.

Enjoy it! Savor it!

Words are glorious things. I'm grateful there are so many lovely ways to link them together.

Toodle-loo kangaroos!


  1. Oh, goodness, I think you have sneaked into my brain and written out my very thoughts!!! I do the exact same thing with books...I just can't seem to let certain scenes go...They just linger in my heart and mind for months on end and make my heart flutter all the more...

    And North and South...! I recently watched the series for the first time And. Fell. In. Love.

    Thank you for the totally awesome post...! C. S. Lewis was certainly right when he said, "We read to know we are not alone." I feel that way right now! :) I think we must be kindred spirits... ;)

    Happy Friday!


    1. Kindred spirits indeed, Whimsey! :D

      Another thing I find when I love a scene that won't let me go, is that whenever I see that book thereafter, that scene immediately comes to mind. It's what I think of when I think about that story. Love that.

      Sigh. Isn't North and South divine? I watched it the first time soon after it came out on dvd and it's still my favorite movie ever! :)

      Thank you for reading and commenting! Love that quote. Mainly because it's SO TRUE! And it's wonderful to know that I'm not alone. :D

  2. I can totally relate to this! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who watches that part of North & South a 100+ times!

    1. Oh no, Eva. You are far from being alone in that. Such a great movie! Definitely worth watching again and again and again and again and.... ;P

  3. Yep. I do the same thing. It's awesome, isn't it? I've been dying to re-watch North and South, the whole thing, for quite some time now.

    1. So awesome, Suey! And isn't North and South fabulous? I can never get enough of it. :D

  4. I do the same thing. I actually sometimes return to a scene even before I finished the story... I sometimes (quite often) open books just to read a particular scene...
    The Chronicles of Narnia do this to me a lot.

    1. It's nice to know we aren't alone in this, isn't it? I'll rewind a scene before I finish the story too. Some moments just need to read again and again!

      Oh yes. Mr. Lewis sure liked to fill his stories with tons of great moments! I love those books. So much epic adventure and awesome fantasy! :)

  5. I love re-reading too!
    All my favorite books have this dog-eared passages that I just go to when I need to be reminded of something awesome.

    1. Yes! Perfect description Alex. "...when I need to be reminded of something awesome." That's my feelings exactly. :)


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