April 7, 2013

Do You Name Your Car?

Meet Miss Flossie! As you see, yes I did name my car. :)

My roommate and I were talking about this today. I was driving and said something about Miss Flossie as I patted her console. My roomie immediately said, "You named your car?" Why yes. Doesn't everyone?! Which of course I know, probably most people don't. She then stated that she had not named hers, but had actually thought about it. Because she found out recently that her pastor and his wife name all their vehicles, and one of theirs is named "Marge". :D

As we chatted further, the idea came out that it would most likely be helpful for you to name your vehicles if, say, you had more than one. This way you could tell your children, or anyone riding with you, which car to get in today. "Okay kids, go get in Marge!" or "We're taking Chloe today!" This makes sense, right?

Just so you know, I am not afraid to admit to the fact that I am an adult and I have named every car I've ever owned. (Which is only three by the way.) My first car was Betsy, the next one was Sadie, and this one is Miss Flossie.

I talk to inanimate objects a lot actually. My computer, my phone, my shoes, my books. So talking to my car is nothing strange for me. (Perhaps it is to you, but I'm not counting your opinion on my sanity right now. ;P) Hence why I like to name my cars. I talk to them. "Come on Miss Flossie, please start today." or "I'm so sorry Miss Flossie! I cut that corner way too sharp, didn't I?"  I pet her console or her gear shift or wherever my hand can reach, and like a cat or dog, I do think she appreciates it.

Yes, I will acknowledge that you are absolutely thinking I'm crazy right now. That's okay! I'm sure I probably am crazy. But this world needs a few crazy people, right? Keeps things interesting! :D

Toodle-loo kangaroos! Happy Sunday!


  1. Whenever I get a car, I DEFINITELY pan on naming it

    My dream car is a something yellow---that way I can name it "Sunny" How is THAT for cliche? ;-)

    1. Cliche or not, I love the idea Ella! :) Thanks for stopping by.

  2. We named our first car "The Bubble Car" because it had kind of a rounded look. Right now, our kids call our cars "The Green Car" and "The Grey Car," though I privately call the grey car "The Tank." Don't really have a name for The Green Car, I must admit. But I've had several friends who name their cars too, things like Legolas and The Red Pearl, so yeah... you're not alone!

    I also name cameras and computers, and occasionally other objects like chairs and scissors :-)

    1. Oh, good! So I'm not the only silly one around. :D Although I admit I've never named scissors before. A chair maybe, and now I definitely have to name my computer! Thanks for the idea Hamlette. ;)

      As for your car names, those definitely work. A friend decided to name her car "The Gray Lady". Appropriate as her car is silver. :)

  3. Growing up, all of our cars had names. There was the orange Travel-all named "Pumkin", and the blue Station Wagon named "The Blue Bomb", my Dads white Chevy truck named "Whitie". My cuz has a El Camino named "Ellie".
    Come to think of it. My family isn't very creative with their car names. hahaha


    1. Hey Kimberly! Those are great names. I'm sure I've always spent way too long trying to come up with just the right one. For Miss Flossie, it did take me a few days to decide that name fit her pretty good. Naming cars is fun, isn't it? :D


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