March 30, 2013

Little Letters Fifth Edition

Dear Lizzie Bennet Diaries, you were all things awesome and fabulous! Thanks for finishing the entire story. I remember being worried at the very beginning that you wouldn't be able to. But you did! And made my Monday's and Thursday's a lot more fun. (Although I do think my coworkers thought I was crazy every time they came in the breakroom and had to listen to the new video with me. ;) I will miss you, but shall have wonderful memories now. Thanks for leading me on this adventure and leaving me happy at the end!

Dear Jane Austen, how amazing you must have been when you were alive. I would love to be able to have a peek into your brain and see how you were able to create such stories that still resonate with people centuries down the road. I'm so glad I randomly picked up the Pride and Prejudice mini-series with Colin Firth many, many years ago. It introduced me to your phenomenal writing and the rest of your books. And especially the many adaptations that have been made. I'm positively thrilled that you came into my life!

Dear New Yellow Purse, you are super-duper cool! I'm so glad I decided to get you after all. All your lovely pockets makes me a happy camper. Yay for groovy purses!

Dear Calvin and Hobbes, why is it no matter how many times I read you, I still laugh at all your antics? You made my childhood happy and that hasn't changed these many years later. You still make me happy!

Dear Lainer-bug, I had so much fun with you the other night! We need to get together more often now that you live close. Catching up with you and playing with your children was a wonderful way to spend my evening. The triplets are cute-as-a-button adorable and you know it! ;D

Dear Sherwood Smith, I don't know how you created Meliara, but I really love her a lot. I had to re-read her story again recently (for only the 100th time or so). She is such a fantastic character! Is it crazy that I love this book so much I had to buy every single version I could? Thanks for letting me get to meet Mel and Vidanric.

Dear Texas Roadhouse, thank you so much for finally opening in my town! I've been looking forward to not having to drive a long distance to reach you. Your bread, your ribs, your cinnamon butter. Aaaahhhh. My taste-buds were absolutely delighted to see you again!

Dear Weekend, you are going to keep me very, very busy. But I know it will leave me with terrific memories by the time Monday rolls around. Can't wait to see what you have in store!

Toodle-loo kangaroos! I hope you have a lovely and blessed Easter! :)


  1. Happy to read that LBD ended well, Kara. ;)

    Who doesn't love a new fashion find!? That is one of those fun simply joys.

    As always, love your "Letters" post - one of these days I am going to do another one of these. :)

    Happy Easter, Kara! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Rissi, it was a great ending. Sad to say goodbye but what a wonderful journey! :)

      And thank you! I did have a wonderful weekend! It was very, very busy. I hardly spent any time at home, but sweet memories were definitely made. I hope you had a good weekend yourself! :)

  2. Sherwood Smith's books are amazing!!! I LOVED Crown & Court Duel!! Did you read a copy that has the "added chapter" in it?? It's from after they're married. I need to read those books again! :)

    1. Kellie, I completely agree! Amazing is absolutely the word for them. I do have a copy with the added chapter. It's so fun to see what their dynamic is after they're married. Awesome, awesome books! :D


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