August 28, 2013

Little Moments :: Happy Heart :: Second Edition

I figured while I was on here, I'd just post a few random little moments from my life. Fun, right?! :D

Firstly, while sorting stuff the other day, I happened to find a book I'd forgotten I had. I know! ;P Have you read it? It's a childhood favorite of mine.

Have you ever sorted through years of stuff and found something that made you laugh and remember waaayyyy back? This straw used to make a noise when I used it. Yes, it was supposed to sound like a monkey. Some friends and I bought them from McDonald's years ago, during a weekend camping trip. You know. The kind of trip where you're tired and and silly and ridiculous things make you laugh? Yeah. That kind.

I got this lovely book in the mail the other day! I'd been waiting and waiting for a different one and was not expecting this one at all. So it was a wonderful surprise to walk out to the mailbox and see it there! Cannot wait to dive in. :D

And while excitedly contemplating the book above, lo and behold a couple days later, an even better surprise came in the mail! I'd ordered the book from the author weeks ago and she had mailed it, but it got lost somewhere. Still don't know what happened to it. But Ms. Thompson was kind enough to send another one. And I've already read it! Yes, it was just that good. :D I hope to get my review written soon.

The other day, I received this beautiful bouquet of flowers from a coworker. I had not had a good morning, and this was sitting on my desk when I got back from lunch. They cheered me considerably and made my afternoon a whole lot happier! Plus, they were given in honor of my birthday which just happened recently. Happiness all around! (Yes, I'm shamelessly mentioning my birthday on here. Silly, aren't I? ;)

Lastly, I found this poem over here the other day. (Don't ask how. It's a long and complicated story. Well. Not too complicated, but anyway....) It really encouraged me, so I decided to share it.

Open one fist, close the other,
I have better plans for you.
Don’t hold on to lesser shadows,
they will fade, and you will too.

Child, your heart is listing, longing
for some balm to ease the ache
that disintegrated hopes and dreams
have left within their wake.

You’re crying ‘there’s no surety!
There’s no anchor for my soul!’
But you’re searching in the sand, love,
you need something strong and whole.

Cast again your anchor higher
beyond what you cannot see.
I am just beyond the darkness,
child, trust; and cast on me.

Unclench your grasping fingers
holding on to what seems right.
All the good things will be as tarnished
when I cast my morning light.

Grasp for me now in your wanting,
dare to trust what others fear.
Only I can quell the hurting,
only I am ever near.

Close the other fist now, child
wait not for what you deem best.
Trust my ever loving heart
to render to you joy and rest.

Open one fist, close the other,
anchor hopes and dreams in me.
I am all you have and need and want,
I will set your bound heart free.

So there were a few random little moments from the last week or so. Hope you have a fabulous rest of your week! And stay tuned for more reviews soon. Hopefully anyway. (Do notice that I said soon. I can't promise a time, but I do promise to try!)


  1. Great post and love the poem!

    "Trust my ever loving heart
    to render to you joy and rest."

    1. Thanks Jamie! :) That poem has such beautiful descriptions, doesn't it? Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Aw, how fun. Love the simple joys or little moments in life that cheer us. Great reminders, Kara. :)

    1. Thanks Rissi! It's nice to be reminded of those little moments when my life is crazy busy (like right now!). I'm happy you enjoyed them! :)

  3. So... I know you're busy moving, but I'm giving you the Elegant Blogger Award. Read this for more details.

    1. Well thank you, my dear Hamlette! "Elegant", now that's a great compliment! :)

  4. Aww, I love this post! I've been meaning to get over here for a comment-y chat with you, but I've been so doggone busy with school...Buried alive, as it were, in homework this past first week of school. But I'm here now...

    Firstly, happy birthday! I hope that your new year is full of adventure and more good books! :-)

    That poem is lovely! I think I'll need to copy that one down to put in my "Encouragement" binder. (I keep a binder full of encouraging things to look through on rainy days.) I'm so sorry that you were having a hard day! I, too, have had a few of those lately...So I've had to draw closer to the Lord in quiet prayer... May God continue to bless you, and may you feel His arms around you even more strongly on such rainy days...

    1. Hi Rebecca! I'm so happy you visited! And I know ALL about busyness, trust me. This is why I'm only just now getting to my replies! :/ Life is crazy at the moment.

      Thank you, thank you! I had a lovely birthday and so far, things seem to be looking upward! I hope that continues throughout my new year. :)

      Oh, isn't that poem wonderful?! I loved it immediately when I first read it. I've pulled it out several times to remind myself of all I have to be thankful for. Hard days come, and it's entirely too easy for me to forget how blessed I am. But God is faithful to gently remind me! Whether through poems or friends (like you! :) or however He may. Thanks for your prayers. I've a feeling as my move gets closer and closer, the more I'm going to need reminding to calm down. *sigh*

      I'm so glad we "met", Rebecca! Your comments always make me happy. :D I hope you've been having a lovely week yourself.

    2. I'm so glad we "met," too!! :-D Who knows, maybe someday we'll meet for real! :)))

  5. Miss. Nelson is missing...or IS she? My students LOVED that book.


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