October 20, 2013

Updates and Whatnot...

Hi everyone! *waves*

This is just a quick little update to let you know what's happening. But first of all, I feel I should point out that awesome picture you just looked at. A dear friend of mine gave that to me the other night at my goodbye party. ISN'T IT AMAZING?! Did you read it? Do you see all the little details?! I have made no secret around these parts of my love of North and South. I mean, you only have to read this post, or look at this Pinterest board and you'll figure out I'm kind of obsessive about it in fact. :D So this gift is incredible and I haven't been able to let this bag out of my sight since I got it. It will absolutely have a special place of honor in my new house! I'm pretty sure I can say this is probably my favoritest gift this year! (I won't say favorite gift ever because I have gotten some pretty awesome gifts in the past. But this year? This little bag trumps everything! ;)

And speaking of goodbye parties, yes, I had one the other night. It was wonderful! And sad. I got home and read all my cards and bawled myself to sleep that night. It's an amazing feeling to know so many people love me and will miss me. I'm going to miss them too! :(

Anyway. On to the actual update!

I am officially down to my very last week here. Only a few days left before I get in the truck and head out. Roadtrip here I come! :D Therefore, that means this week is going to be very, very busy for me and then I'll be driving for five or six days and then I'll be unpacking and settling in and yeah. Needless to say, the blogging thing will not happen. So this little place will be pretty quiet for at least two weeks. I'm hoping not much more than that, but we'll see. I'll still be active on twitter though (hopefully), and I will definitely be back to blogging eventually. I promise!

To anyone who is still following me, who is still reading my sporadic posts, who is still commenting even though you haven't received a comment back, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart I sincerely thank you. I have read all the comments and loved every single one. I am so grateful for your patience as my life has gotten crazy the last couple months. I hope very very very soon I will be back to commenting and visiting and blogging and all the wonderful fun around the blogosphere! :)

Don't give up on me yet! The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer by the minute! Until then.....


  1. We'll all be right there, waiting. You're very appreciated, Kara!

  2. Five or six days of driving does not sound like fun! Hope your move goes smoothly and be sure you don't forget anything!

  3. What a cool gift! Goodbye parties are so sad, and yet happy -- I mean, if you didn't have one, that would mean you didn't have any friends, and that is just not a pleasant way to live.

    Good luck with all the last-minute packing and the big drive!

  4. Good luck sweetie. I hope everything is going well. It sounds like some exciting times.

  5. Oh my gosh! That's such an awesome bag! I'm reading North and South with a friend right now and am completely in love with it.

  6. Cool Kara! :)
    For when you get back, I tagged you at my blog - I'm pretty sure that you can still get to it, but you might have to sign in.

    God bless and have a great time!


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