November 10, 2014

Movie Quote Monday :: Edition Five

Andrew Larkin: [of his sister's children] One of them's named for me.
Veronica Fisher: Which one?
Andrew Larkin: [slightly confused] Andrew.

I had an epic twitter-quoting rewatch of You've Got Mail with Amber recently and Courtney jumped in and asked if either of us had seen In The Good Old Summertime (since both movies are based on The Shop Around the Corner from 1940). I'd forgotten about the movie, but I had seen it several years ago. Thinking about it made me want to watch it again, so when I happened to stumble across a copy this past weekend, I was quite thrilled and snatched it up! Needless to say, I spent a very enjoyable couple hours. I do admit that I don't think it's quite as cute as You've Got Mail, but it has Judy Garland, so that makes it worth watching. The above quote made me giggle. All the conversations between these two are loads of fun! If you haven't seen it, I'd recommend. :)


  1. Oh! Good ol' Summertime sounds good! The quote is hilarious. :-) Is that the movie with the song 'Howdy Neighbour' in it?

    1. It's very adorable and fun, Naomi. I'd definitely recommend watching it if you get the chance. :) And no, I think that song is from Summer Stock? I looked it up and that's another Judy Garland musical from around the same time as this one.


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