December 14, 2014

Bookish {And Not So Bookish} Thoughts :: Edition Two

This is a weekly meme hosted by Bookishly Boisterous where we write about stuff. I happened to see this via Birdie at Lady of the Manor and thought I'd join in.
1. Don't those pies look delicious? I discovered this cute little spot (called Piety-isn't that name perfect?!) that serves mini pies and hot tea and I declare that it may just become my new favorite place to visit! :)

2. The Christmas season is definitely upon us! I had to actually go to the mall this weekend for my dad since he's completely clueless when it comes to shopping for the grandchildren and my was it busy. I was quickly reminded why I don't like to go to the mall in December. (Actually I don't really like to go to the mall in general, no matter the time of year. I'm just not much of a mall shopper anymore. I used to love going, but that was when I was young and silly. Which I'm neither of anymore. Yes. That is sarcasm. Moving on! :)

3. Friendships are wonderful. I had lunch with some old friends this past week and it was so much fun. These are friends that, while we don't live too far apart, our lives are just busy enough and different enough that we don't get together very often. But when we do! Oh my, the laughter, the conversations, the happy just explodes from all of us. It's like no time has passed and we just begin where we left off last time! It's a beautiful thing.

4. As you know, I finally finished The Hobbit and want to read Lord of the Rings sometime. I'm also anxious to watch the movie versions of The Hobbit as well! But I'm thinking I want to wait until the final movie is out (which happens this next week I believe?) and then have a giant marathon of all three movies. And then have a huge-o-matic marathon of all six movies! Not sure when that's gonna happen, but hopefully early next year. (Doesn't that sound awesome?!)

5. Speaking of next year, I cannot believe that 2014 is only mere weeks from ending! Where has this year gone?! I may have mentioned this before, but seriously. I can hardly believe it's been an entire year since my Big Move. It's crazy how fast time flies!

6. Haven't done a huge amount of reading recently. Life's just been crazy busy and reading has taken a back seat. *sadface* I'm wondering if I'm even going to finish my Goodreads challenge. At the moment it's looking doubtful, but who knows? Maybe I'll suddenly read a flurry of books all in a row! Doesn't that sound delightful? :)

7. Kami, Jenni, and Suey are hosting a read-along of North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell in January! As much as I LOVE the miniseries, I haven't ever really properly read the book (*gasp* I know, right?!). So I really want to join in. How about you?

8. I haven't been able to watch many of the new Hallmark Channel Christmas movies this year which just makes me sad. But I've vicariously kept up with them thanks to Rissi's awesome reviews, which you should totally check out.

9. Birdie wants to send out Christmas cards, so if you'd like one head over here and give her your address! She's the nicest, plus real mail is fun to receive, so I can promise that it'll be a great addition to your Christmas season.

10. Hamlette and Joanna both wrote fantastic posts about personality types and their favorite fictional characters. Firstly, can I just say that I love not being the only one who analyzes stuff like this? :) And secondly, can I also admit that I haven't actually sat down and analyzed this specific topic? Although I do plan to! Because it's so interesting to think about. Why do I like the characters I like? What is it about certain characters that make me love them immediately, while others I can't stand? Aside from the fact of who is cast as the villain or the hero? Not sure where this analysis is going to take me, but I plan to find out! :)


  1. Those pies look AMAZING! I hope you ate one for me!

    Christmas shopping=fun. I actually do like shopping, though not if a place is extremely crowded.

    Hallmark Christmas movies this year are very good. Hopefully you can catch some of them. If not, there's always next year!

    Ok, now for the best thing you mentioned: a North & South read-along? Sign me up! I'm headed to Suey's site next to join the fun. I acquired a used copy a couple months ago but haven't taken the time to read it. This way, I can maybe squeeze it in on an actual schedule. I'm super excited!

    I really enjoyed this post, Kara!

    1. SO good, Courtney. I did think of you and your love of baking when I was there actually. :)

      Shopping isn't all bad. I mean, I do love new shoes and sweaters and the like. ;) But crowds will do me in pretty quick. I like quieter shopping, I suppose!

      Yes! There's always next year and there's always dvds. I'm always game to watch Christmas movies any time of the year, so bring on the dvds, Hallmark!

      Yay! I'm so glad you're joining in too! And I thought the exact same thing. That perhaps I'll be more likely to actually read it when I have a schedule to keep. We'll have to keep each other posted on it, as well as encourage each other to keep going!

      Thanks Courtney. :)

  2. Made me smile. And you're not alone in this : I'd like to catch up on my reading as well. Things have been too busy (ready for the Holidays).

    1. I'm so glad to hear that, Ganise. It's nice to know y'all enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy yours! :) Hopefully the new year will slow things down a little and we'll both get more reading done.

  3. Wow, those stuff look so delicious!!!

    You should see the three Hobbit films. Let me know when you do. I want to know what you thought of them. A marathon sounds lots of fun. We do that as part of our family tradition, but this is the first time we're going to do it with all six films. Whoooo! :D

    *gasp* A North and South read-along? I would love to join!

    1. I'm definitely planning on it, Alyssa. And you can also bet that I'll probably have lots of thoughts to share! A six film marathon just sounds awesome! And I love that y'all have that tradition. Maybe I should suggest it to my family. Hmmmm....... :D

      I hope you do join in! You and Courtney and I can keep each other accountable as well as share our thoughts together. Would be so fun! :)

    2. I joined the North and South read-along (though I'm not that much of a blogger for books. But I am tweeting heaps about it!). It's so much fun! :)

    3. And I have been thoroughly enjoying your tweets, Alyssa! I'm so glad you joined in. This read-along has been great fun! :)

    4. Thanks for posting about the read along--else I would not have learned about it! It's been fun chatting and getting to know everyone and their thoughts about the book. :D

    5. I agree! I think that's been my favorite part actually. Hearing what everyone else thought about this scene or that moment. There have been things brought up that I hadn't thought about when I was reading it, which is great! Plus we get to talk about North and South and Mr. Thornton, which is always awesome! :D

  4. A flurry of books sounds delightful! So does a Middle Earth marathon. I long for the time to be able to do that. One day my kids will be old enough for us to introduce them to those movies, and maybe the summer before the oldest goes to college would be a great time to marathon all the movies. Over two days, I suppose, as 20+ straight hours of viewing would not be healthy, lol. Back before we had kids, Cowboy and I hosted a marathon of all 3 extended editions of the LOTR trilogy, and it was amazingly fun.

    I've never read North and South either, but I'm going to have to pass on the readalong because I'm already doing Heidi's Persuasion read-along in January, and hosting a birthday blog party for Sherlock Holmes on the 6th myself so... to quote Prince Humperdinck, I'm swamped! (But when am I not swamped, these days? Sigh.)

    Anyway, good luck with your contemplation of what draws you to particular characters and stories and pushes you away from others! It's a fascinating topic.

    1. Doesn't it though, Hamlette? I will absolutely be planning a day for this! :) Getting the chance to introduce these stories to your children will be so much fun, I imagine. Watching their faces and hearing their thoughts? SO fun! I hope they end up loving them as much as their parents. And wow. All three extended editions? That sounds AMAZING!

      Completely understand. If only we had time to read everything and watch everything and do everything and sleep as much as we wanted. If only!

      It really is a fascinating topic. I haven't got it all written out, but I've definitely been thinking. My eventual post might end up being pages and pages! ;)

  5. I totally want to go to Piety. And you definitely should marathon the movies. I'll warn you though: watching Hobbit Pt 3 at the end of that marathon will make you super emotional. Kind of a cross between happy and sad. Happy because you'll love the characters but sad because it's the end. Not sure that makes sense, but, yeah. :-)

    1. That actually does make sense, Joanna. At least since I've read the book now and know what's going to happen. Cannot wait to watch them! Even if I do end up crying. It will be fun to see what I think of the movie characters vs. the book characters. Because I'm sure some things will be different. Just the little bit I've read about the movies has made that clear. Not that I'm complaining! Or less excited! Definitely looking forward to it. :D


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