January 14, 2015

Little Letters :: Twelfth Edition

Dear North and South Read-Along Ladies, you are awesome! I had a blast at our twitter chat last weekend and am looking forward to more!

Dear 2015, it's very nice to meet you. Now that we're a couple weeks in, I must say so far you've been very gentle and sweet to me. But winter is just beginning so we'll see how long that lasts.

Dear Christmas Movies, I have been enjoying you just as much now that Christmas is over! I hope that's okay? All that time I thought I'd have in December just didn't materialize, but I am definitely having fun here in January. And as no one else wants to borrow them from the library, that means I have so many options!

Dear Maggie, I can't believe you're already two weeks old! I cannot wait to meet you very soon. Your mama has been so good to send me pics and give me updates, but nothing can take the place of squeezing you myself. I'm counting down the days, little one! :)

Dear Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, you guys rock, you know that? Is there anything better than a hot, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth doughnut on a cold night? Mmmmmmm.

Dear Books To Be Read, don't give up on me! Life's been a little crazy recently, but I've got you in my sights. It won't be long and I'll have devoured all of you, so beware!

Dear Bookstores and Libraries, thanks for always being there. You don't know how you cheer me up and make life so much happier! Even though my TBR pile is towering high above me, just looking at all the awesomeness to come makes me smile. Books = happiness! :)

Dear Colds/Flus/Insert Whatever Sickness That's Swirling Around Right Now, you're awful. You really just need to go away. Nobody wants you and we'd all be much happier if you'd go and never come back. Hmph.

Dear Readers, I hope your week has treated you well so far. Thanks for sticking with me even when I get very sporadic with my posting! I'm so glad you're here. And if I haven't been to visit your site in a while, please know that I'm making every effort to get that to happen very, very soon. Happy reading til then!


  1. Fun post, Kara. It did look like you N&S ladies were having fun. Saw some of the Tweets pop up in my timeline last weekend when I was doing some computer stuff. :D

    Hope you feel better...!

    1. Oh we did, Rissi! It's been great fun, for sure. And thank you! I think I'm slowly getting back to feeling myself again. :)

  2. I always tell myself I won't eat more than one KK donut. I fail every time :) Hope you feel better as well!

    1. There's just no denying a Krispy Kreme when it's in front of you, is there?! ;) Thanks, Jamie. I think I'm slowly getting back to being me again. Being sick is for the birds!

  3. I'm so happy I joined the North & South chat last week, I had a lot of fun chatting with everyone and revisiting the book :) Looking forward to the next one!

    Hope you're feeling better!

    Err, it's Lianne from eclectictales.com if you're wondering whose username this is, lol; first time I'm using my other WP.com login xD

    1. I'm so happy you did as well, Lianne! And last night was awesome too. I love getting to analyze all the details with everyone. SO fun! :)

      And thank you. I think I'm slowly getting there now.


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