June 29, 2015

I Ship It :: Scarlet & Wolf

So I recently discovered this website as well as this long-expired link up (it's from Valentine's Day). But I loved this idea, so I decided to write a post anyway! I have so many favorite couples in fiction. From Anne and Wentworth (Persuasion), to Sam and Alex (Dear Ms. Knightley), to Madison and Beckett (Barefoot Summer), to Finley and Beckett (There You'll Find Me), and many, many more! But I ultimately decided to talk (gush more like) about Scarlet and Wolf from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. Because they are AWESOME. They really, really are. I love these two together. They make my heart happy! Even now, I'm grinning just thinking about them. :D

So without further ado, I give you Scarlet and Wolf (aka: The Fabulous and Formidable Scarlet and Wolf ;)

​​What is their current relationship status, and how did they meet?

They both know the other loves them, but they are currently separated. *sniff sniff* (Ms. Meyer, you'd BETTER give them their happy ever after! I mean it.)

They met when Wolf approached Scarlet for some tomatoes she was trying to sell.

Why do you want them to be together? What makes them better together?

They just fit. They understand each other, they protect each other, they go against every instinct telling them not to trust the other and trust anyway (with a few ups and downs in that trust :). They find a true partner and the first feeling of home in each other (more so on Wolf's side, but true of Scarlet as well). They complete each other so perfectly. I was committed to both of them pretty much from their very first meeting! And Wolf's heartbreak at the end of Cress?! Oh my poor heart. They need each other!

What song(s) remind you of them?

Ah, let me get back to you on that?

How would they divide household chores (cooking, cleaning, etc.)?

I think Scarlet would probably do most of it, but Wolf would probably love the chance to learn how a normal household works (plus just be able to spend more time with Scarlet). Which means they'd end up sharing some of it.

What would this couple argue most about, and who is most likely to compromise?

At this point, I think they'd fight most about Wolf learning to become more open. His life hasn't been easy (well, neither has Scarlet's for that matter) and learning to integrate into normal society will be difficult for him So that means Scarlet would probably compromise the most, because she loves him and knows how difficult this will be for him.

What interests do they share?

Hmmm. Well, I'm kind of drawing a blank for this one.... (Embarrassing. I say they're one of my top favorite couples, yet I can't remember these sorts of details? *embarrassed grin*)

Are they introverts, extroverts, one of each?

I would venture to say Scarlet may be a bit more extroverted, yet has lots of introverted qualities, and Wolf much more introverted (for good reason!). But together, I think they'd really help each other to open up and be awesome. Not that they aren't already awesome, of course (because they are!).

What would their first date be like? (If they've already had their first date, describe their ideal date.)

At this point, I think they'd both just really love to spend some quiet time with each other. Haven't had much of that in the short amount of time they've known each other! So spending several hours with just the two of them I think might be precisely what they need. Some time to truly talk and express their hearts.

Do they get along with each other's families?

Um...well...if you consider Cinder and her gang a family (which they totally are), then yes! As for meeting their real, biological families, neither of them really get the chance to do that. Wolf may or may not meet Scarlet's grandmother (I kind of forget?), but it's not in the context of "meeting my significant other's grandmother", so...

In what ways do they drive each other crazy? In what ways do they drive other people crazy together?

(To be honest, it's been a little while since I read their story and I kind of forget some of the precise details. So this question I'm not entirely certain how to answer. I think a reread is in order soon!)

Wolf's natural tendency to be a bit dominating and fierce can cause Scarlet some frustrating moments. And Wolf isn't used to normal human beings, so there's probably a great deal that he finds frustrating about all he has to learn. And together? I think since they're so different from each other (in the physical/physiological sense), yet they so obviously care deeply about the other that their cuteness can probably be slightly too sweet? This requires more thought...

Where would they go for their honeymoon/a romantic getaway?

Hmmm. Definitely not the moon! ;D I'm forgetting if either of them expresses a desire to visit somewhere specific, so I suppose I'll go with: it doesn't really matter where they go. The important bit is that they just have time together. As long as it's just the two of them, nothing else is probably as big a deal.

Do they share any similarities to classic romantic couples? (I.E., Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, Beauty and the Beast)

Ha! Yep, Beauty and the Beast would be pretty apt. :D Maybe a bit of Lizzy and Darcy too, in that they don't always communicate well, at least at first. But they're getting there!

What would their "celebrity couple" name be? (I.E., Brangelina) ​​

Scarf? (Okay, that's terrible.) Hmmm. Wolflet? (Yeah, that's not much better.) I'm not cut out for this sort of decision!

Where do you see this couple in 10 years?​

Provided Wolf (and Cinder and Kai and Thorne and Cress and Iko and....the whole gang!) can save her (which they WILL.) (They'd better or I will not be a happy reader.), I picture them happy together. Beyond that, I'll see how the final book ends and then maybe come back and say for sure. But they're definitely happy in the future! Those two deserve ALL the happiness!


  1. I ship so many couples! Anne & Wentworth, Finley & Beckett, Hook & Emma, Travis & Meredith, but when it comes to The Lunar Chronicles I have to ship Cress & Thorne!! Captain Thorne reminds me so much of Hook from OUAT and he has the best one liners ever! He is just...everything!!

    1. Alyssa: I haven't met Hook from OUAT yet (at least not officially, I love all the bits I've viewed on Pinterest and youtube though :), but if Thorne reminds you of him then clearly I need to meet him. I think maybe I should read Cress again as well, I keep hearing of how other readers just love Thorne. I liked him, just not as much as Wolf. But maybe a reread would change my mind! :)

  2. LOLSCARF. That's beautiful. Make that a hash tag ;)

    I think they'd cook together and then hang out on the couch watching Netflix for dates! Or maybe they'd go visit forests together :)

    Lovely post! :D

    1. #TeamScarf for the win! :D And I like your ideas, Sandy. Watching Netflix together definitely sounds like the two of them. Plus forests certainly seem to bring out the closeness for them, don't they? ;)

      Thank you!


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