April 5, 2016

My Quirky Reading Habits

Yep. I'm pretty sure we all have them. The funny little quirks that are either A) only unique to us or B) ones that all readers understand. There are so many posts and tweets out there about problems that we booklovers struggle with and I, for one, love to read them! Because it helps to know I'm far from being alone. Because 95% of the time, we have all been there.

So! These are things that I've noticed about my readings habits. Not really things that I have a problem with, they're just things that I do. I'm quirky! (And calling them a problem would mean that they need solved, when I'm not convinced they do.) Also, I know I've probably mentioned a couple of these before, but let's not worry about that now.... :)

Characters will make or break a story for me! And I've noticed that when I get ready to write a review, my first thought is about certain characters and what it is about them that I liked or disliked. They bring out feelings in me and I can spend a great deal of time analyzing all the whys and whynots!

::MOOD ::
It depends on my mood as to whether I read a little, a lot, or not at all. Sometimes I can read three or four books in a row, sometimes I read one and I'm done, sometimes I take days and weeks to finish one. And this isn't always dependent on the book itself! (Although sometimes it is.) I can love a story, but just not be in the mood to read it today. 

Someone noted recently how I tend to love just about every book I read/review. And this is true, most of the time. Mainly because if I'm not enjoying a book, I stop reading it. I tend to only finish books that I really like, hence most of my reviews are going to be happy ones. I'm not part of a book club, so the only occasions I have to finish a book I may not love is when I'm participating in a read-along or have a book specifically for review. Sometimes I may not enjoy those as much.

I love them! I actually prefer them because I want to know if spending my time with a story is going to be worth it or not. If things go different than how I want them to (say for instance, the main romance does not end up together or everyone dies and no one's happy), then I'd really prefer not to read the entire book only to end up disappointed. You probably think I'm crazy and that's okay. I'd just rather know what's going to happen! It only adds to my anticipation of the story, it never ruins it for me.

By which I mean, when I'm into the story and loving all the action and plotlines, I will pause now and again and flip back to the cover and just look at it. Kind of like I just need to refresh my memory of the characters faces (if they're on the cover) or the particular scene that may be depicted.

If I love a particular scene, a lot of times I will go back to where it starts and read it over again before going on. Sometimes I'll even reread it several times! I do that with particularly awesome sentences or paragraphs as well. I might even have to read it out loud to myself just to enjoy it further! Weird, I know.

I have to have a synopsis somewhere on the book! Whether on the back cover, on the front flap of the dust jacket, or even on the very first page of the book, I just need it somewhere. I do read a lot of reviews and generally know what a lot of books that I'm interested in are about, but there are lots more that I haven't read about! And when I find a new one I've not heard of, I immediately pick it up and read the synopsis. If I can't find it (or if the store has put a sticker on top of it, horrible idea!!!), I am severely disappointed. I know I can always go on Goodreads and find it, but I prefer it on the book itself.

Okay yes, I am aware that there is things going on around me, whether that be noises or people or whatever. (And if an explosion happened, or some noise that is very atypical of my environment, I would notice!) But once I'm into the story, unless you actually say my name, I am not very likely to hear you. If it's an especially good story, I hear nothing but the words on the page! Books suck me in and conversations can happen all around me of which I hear not one single sentence. I am an expert at tuning things out while reading.

What about you? Do you have any unique (or not) reading habits?


  1. Yeah, I'd say I have a lot of these in common with you. Except I read books I'm not really liking. I'm weird. Plus sometimes I like spoilers and sometimes I don't.

    1. Jenny: I know a lot of readers finish books, so I understand. I'm probably in the minority on this, but if it's not holding my interest, I just can't finish it. But! It is entirely possible for a book to hold my interest even while I'm not enjoying! Like Dune did. It's a rare happening though.

      And hey! If you're weird, then so am I. So there. Who wants to be "normal"? :)

      I know I am DEFINITELY in the minority when it comes to spoilers. Most people don't like them at all. So I am all about the weird when it comes to those!

  2. I like learning about these quirks. It's fun to see what other readers are like. I'm a mood reader too and characters will make or break a story for me as well. I also like spoilers! Sometimes it's to ease the tension because I have to know right then and not wait, lol. But, like you, it doesn't ruin it; it just adds to the story.

    Thanks for sharing these!

    1. Jenni: Right? Me too! We all read so differently, yet so alike as well. It's fun to find out things that I've never imagined doing. Or learning that I'm not alone in my weirdness. :)

      Yay for spoilers! So many people seem to hate them, but not me. And YES. So many times I just want to know what's going to happen RIGHT NOW. I'm glad to know you're the same!

  3. Great list Kara! I definitely share some of the same quirks as you: characters for one can definitely make or break a book for me (this has happened once or twice recently where I would've liked the book a lot more but the main characters frustrated me so much that it distracted me from the rest of the story ;_;). I'm also a mood reader so sometimes I may read a book and it may not be as amazing as I thought it would be because of how I am at that moment. It's one of the reasons why I've slowly stopped asking for eARCs or ARCs from publishers/Netgalley, because coupled with a deadline, it might not be the best reading experience.

    Hehe, I used to flip back to the book cover as I was reading a book when I was younger. Reading off an eReader can make that very difficult, but that's why I'm especially partial to pretty book covers. Definitely sets the mood to reading the book, I think :)

    Thanks for sharing these quirks with us Kara! =D

    1. Lianne: YES, ereaders most definitely make flipping to the cover VERY difficult! I have to remember precisely where I stopped reading (which I may or may not do) and its just way more hassle. And like you, it's another reason I'm very partial to pretty book covers. They make a big difference on how I feel going into the book for sure!

      I know what you mean about ARCs. I've done pretty well so far in picking out stories I'm pretty positive I'll enjoy. But if I'm not in the mood and I have a deadline....sometimes that is not a great combo at all.

  4. So me! I never hear things when I'm reading. Characters are make-or-break for me. I have to "feel like" reading a book to want to start it, though that started after college as a reaction to being told what to read all the time. It takes me a looooooong time to read some books because I have to re-read and savor all the good lines. And if I dislike a book, I often just don't finish it. Or don't review it, even though I finished it, unless I feel strongly that other readers should be warned about its content (or if I'm feeling vitriolic and want to vent about why I didn't like it).

    1. Hamlette: Right? The world just disappears when reading. :) I've been reading a nonfiction by Madeleine L'Engle for MONTHS because there's so much good truth in there. I'm just able to read a bit and then have to dwell on that bit for a while. Kinda funny to someone else probably, but I'm glad you understand! :)


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