August 4, 2016

Jane Austen Would You Rather...

So I found this Jane Austen tag over here and here, I thought it looked like fun so I decided to join in! I mean, anything Austen related is always fun, right? (Of course I'm right!! :)

Anyhoo, it's pretty self-explanatory, so onwards to the questions, shall we?

Who would you rather have act as your matchmaker, Lady Russell or Mrs. Jennings?

Mrs. Jennings for sure! I think she'd maybe make me laugh while cringing in embarrassment. And she seems to tease about crushes that are pretty obvious. Lady Russell, on the other hand, doesn't seem to really see people's hearts, she only sees what they want you to notice.

Who would you like as a pen pal from Jane Austen's works?

How about Captain Wentworth? I wouldn't turn down a swoony letter from him, I gotta admit! :D Or maybe Catherine Morland because I think her letters would amuse me. Although she might only write sickenly lovesick letters after she's married, so maybe I'd write her before she's married...hmm...

Who would you rather go on a walk with, Colonel Fitzwilliam or Captain Benwick?

Colonel Fitzwilliam!! I imagine he would be a good conversationalist. As I'm not much knowledgeable about poetry, I don't think I could endure a convo with Captain Benwick.

Who would you rather have to befriend, Mrs. Elton or Lucy Steele?

Definitely Lucy Steele, she doesn't seem nearly as mean for means sake as Mrs. Elton. And this is only if I have to befriend her! Hopefully I wouldn't have to be around her terribly much.

Who would you rather have as a sibling, John Knightley or Mary Musgrove?

John Knightley. This is based on the adaptation versions of him as I haven't read his book yet, but I think Mary would drive me batty.

Who would you rather dance with? 

Mr. Tilney of course! He'd be fun to dance with, whatwith making me laugh and just generally having a good time.

Who would you rather refuse, Mr. Collins or Mr. Elton? about neither? What, that's a cop out? Well humph. If I have to answer, I'll go with.......Mr. Elton. Because hopefully he'd take my rejection and leave me alone from there on out. Mr. Collins I'm not so sure understands the word no. Like at all.

Who would you rather match-make for, Miss Bates or Mary Bennet?

Mary Bennet. I'm not sure why, but I've a soft spot for Mary and I'd love to spend some time with her and see if I could get beyond her stiff outer shell. I'm betting she's got a soft heart she's hiding and I'd love to chat with her to try and figure out a way to find her someone special. Although I'd probably pick the wrong guy because I do not see myself as a matchmaker at all!

Who would you rather have as a best friend?

Anne Elliot, I think we have several things in common and I'd love a chance to truly get to know her. I mean, all the characters, aside from her horrid family naturally, that meet her in the novel really enjoy being around her, so that has to say something, right? :)

Who would you rather argue with? (Mrs. Bennet, Lady Catherine, Emma Woodhouse, Mr. Woodhouse, Mr. Palmer, Mrs. Jennings, Fanny Dashwood, Captain Wentworth, Mr. Darcy, ect.)

Oh gracious, I don't know. How about I just watch an argument between Lizzy and Darcy? I think their battles of wit would be greatly amusing to listen to, especially after they're married!

Would you rather wander the grounds of Pemberley and risk being 'discovered' or wander over the downs surrounding Barton Cottage in the rain and twist an ankle?

I'd rather risk being discovered! A little embarrassment could be gotten over a whole lot faster than a twisted ankle. I don't like pain. Not even if it meant having a handsome gentleman rescue me. (Plus that handsome gentleman has a high risk of being flighty and only after money, soooo....yeah.)

Where would you live in Austen's works?

Maybe at Barton Cottage because I think it might be fun to live with Elinor and Marianne. Although I'm kind of partial to the comfortable feel of the Morland's home (I'm forgetting the name of it now...). I think any of the other houses have certain people who would make me crazy. Actually, they probably all do for that matter. But Barton Cottage and the Morland's home seem to be the least craziest. Sorta. :)


  1. Fun! This certainly got me thinking.

  2. This was a lot of fun to read. Sadly, I don't know enough of Austen's characters to fill something like this out. But, it gives me something to work toward. :)

    1. Jenni: Thanks! I'm sure some day you'll know all about Austen's characters. They're all pretty memorable! :)


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