October 31, 2016

Review: The Promise of Rayne by Nicole Deese

After loving so many of Ms. Deese's past stories, I was eagerly anticipating this newest one. There's just something compelling about the characters she writes and the stories she creates around them. Rayne and Levi are two perfect examples of this! I remember reading where she stated this book was one of her hardest to write and I think it shows. There's so much going on for the reader to see beyond just the words on the page, the writing pulls at you to seek deeper in between what the characters are saying and doing, to see their hearts and all the unknowns that they're trying to hide. This book felt like Ms. Deese had taken her already amazing writing abilities and delved into their heart and soul, opening them up and finding more hidden layers yet to be discovered. I love when an author causes me to see deeper into the story and feel each emotion of the characters!

Rayne and Levi feel very fleshed out, with so much going on in their hearts and minds. To the point that when one or the other is not in the current scene, it feels like they are clearly still moving in the background even if we can't see them. They aren't perfect people, they both make some mistakes and they hurt each other more than once, yet the emotions that build between them are raw and genuine. They're aided by the fact that they have a bit of a past, which sets up these current interactions and helped me feel like their relationship wasn't moving too fast. I loved Rayne especially, even during the moments when I wanted to shake her so she would wake up to realizing how toxic her family is! And Levi...oh my goodness how I loved that man. He is so completely wonderful! I confess to swooning pretty often over him. ;) Their romance will melt your heart!

Yet it's not just the characters that I loved. It's the symbolism of the surrounding fires going on, the way Ms. Deese uses each situation to set up the next one, to push our characters further down their respective journey's. Each moment builds on another which builds on another, until I was on pins and needles wondering how all the secrets would finally get out and what that would do to my beloved Rayne! The tension builds steadily and I was so ready for our characters to finally get their happy ever after.

In short? I loved this story! I think you just might, as well. So you should read it! And then thank me later, okay? ;)

**I received a complimentary copy from the author via Netgalley. All opinions expressed are my own.

Fear had an uncanny way of motivating people.

Levi ducked into the kitchen while Rayne perched on the edge of the sofa. There was no cushion in the world soft enough to make this exchange comfortable.

"Truth always leaves a trail," she whispered.

All the condolences she'd offered over the last couple weeks, the families she'd assisted, and the stories she'd heard reverberated throughout her mind. Her intentions had been well meaning, her words genuine, yet not even the sincerest of hearts could bridge the gap between sympathy and empathy.

A promise she tucked into the pocket of her heart.

"So that's your position, then?"
"Truth isn't a position."


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