March 13, 2017

30 Days of Books :: Day 18

Hello, my lovelies! Here I am again, determined to get through this 30 Days before an actual year goes by. *fingers crossed* I hope you're all doing well? My posting is sporadic as usual, but I'm doing fairly well, all things considered. A lot of my days seem to get busy with things to do or I end the day tired and just want to go home instead of to the library to blog. I haven't gotten tired of blogging yet though! I think it's just a little phase I'm in currently.

So! Without further ado, let's get to the point of this post, shall we? :)

{many thanks to Jenni for the idea}

Day 18: A book that disappointed you

I think I used this book on another of the 30 Days, but I decided not to let that stop me from using it again. Because it truly did disappoint me! Everyone sings the praises of John Green and especially of this book, The Fault In Our Stars. But me? I had such high hopes when I first bought my copy at Target! Sadly, I ended up skimming through most of the chapters, unable to truly like the characters all that much. (And returning my book so I could get my money back and spend it on something I liked instead.)

So to all the Augustus Waters fangirls out there, y'all can keep him. I'm good with Captain Wentworth! ;)

What's a book that's disappointed you recently??


  1. It disappointed me as well. I think it's because I was spoiled AND because I read it in 4 hours and I didn't have enough time to absorb it. I did like the movie. It was more emotional to me than the book was.

  2. Have you read his other books? I'm NOT a John Green fan so I had low expectations. Didn't mind this one in comparison to his others though.

  3. Hmmm. I've been having a run of good books lately and can't remember the last one that disappointed me.

    ::Consults blog record::

    The last book that truly disappointed me was Becoming Holmes by Shane Peacock. According to my review, "Now I'm pursing my lips and glaring at it out of the corners of my narrowed eyes, and that's just not how I wanted to feel about this book."


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