December 28, 2017

My Life According to Literature :: 2017

Four of my faves! You should really check them out... :)
Hello, my lovelies! I know I've been scarce around these parts, but here I am for all the end of the year lists. Finally! :) It's hard to believe that we're here again, isn't it? Craziness how fast time goes these days! One of the many "perks" of getting older, I suppose. Yay?

Anyhoo! I hope all of you are doing well and had a wonderful Christmas and all that jazz. My long weekend was fairly quiet, yet still lots of fun with a couple family Christmases to attend, as well as one full day of being home with a few books to reread. I've been sorting my bookshelves here recently in anticipation of moving, so naturally that means lots of rereading has been going on! A reader's gotta do what a reader's gotta do, right? It requires rereading a book to decide if I want to keep it or not.......right? I knew you'd agree! :D

So then, here I am with this fun post again. Looks like this just might become one of my annual traditions! My reading moods were fairly persnickety this past year, so I haven't even come close to meeting my reading challenge over on Goodreads. But still! I did have close to 50 titles to choose from, so that's not too shabby!

Without further ado, I give you.....*drumroll please* My Life According to Literature, edition 2017!

Describe yourself: Life After (Katie Ganshert)  {This year has had a lot of upheaval in it, mainly emotionally, and it has definitely felt like I'm still working my way through the After of a lot of things...}

How do you feel today: My Unexpected Hope (Tammy L. Gray)  {There is SO much hope to cling to!}

Describe where you currently live: Switching Gears (Chantele Sedgwick)  {Because I'm currently in the middle of packing up my things to move...}

If you could go anywhere, you would go to: The Austen Escape (Katherine Reay)  {Um...duh! ;) Of course I'd want to try an Austen escape once in my life!}

Your favorite form of transportation: Wires & Nerve (Marissa Meyer)  {Because all forms require at least a couple wires in order to operate correctly, right?}

Your best friend is: With You Always (Jody Hedlund)

You and your friends are: Kindred Spirits (Rainbow Rowell)  {Need I say more?}

What's the weather like: Wintersong (S. Jae-Jones)  {It is absolutely frigid outside right now!}

You fear: Dangerous Territory (Amy Peterson)  {Not that I'm actually in such a place, but it seems wise to have a healthy fear for danger. Don't you think?}

What's the best advice you have to give: Just Look Up (Courtney Walsh)

Thought for the day: Then There Was You (Kara Isaac)

How would you like to die: For Love & Honor (Jody Hedlund)  {Seems a good reason to me...}

Your soul's present condition: Right Where We Belong (Deborah Raney, Melissa Tagg, Courtney Walsh)  {No better place to be, right?}


  1. This is great and you had such awesome titles to choose from! Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year to you! :D I hope your move goes smoothly.


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