August 3, 2019

Chitchat at the Library

Hello, my lovelies! Here I am at the library, attempting to get some writing accomplished. But there's also people watching and mind wandering to do as well. Because does that happen to anyone else? You go to a library or coffee shop or wherever to write. You go by yourself specifically to write! Only your mind wanders and the writing? Well....your blank computer screen sort of stares at you in condemnation at all that you're not doing. Yet it takes far too long for you to notice because your mind has wandered so many other places, rather than what you're supposed to be focused on. Which is whatever your goal was to write today. No? That never happens to you? Ah, well. Must just be me then.

Anyhoo! It's been ages since I've done a random post and I thought today it might be worth a try. My mind has been wandering a great deal recently. Full of all these thoughts and uncertainties and ponderings. And also Thailand. Because I'm trying a Thing.

Yes, that's right. I'm trying a Thing and I'm not sure how far I'll get with it or if I'll stay committed to it. But I want to! What's that? You'd like to know what the Thing is? Probably not, actually, but you know I'm gonna share it anyway, right? :)

So yeah. A friend and I were chatting a few weeks ago. She messaged me right in the middle of this excellent story I was reading (it's okay. She's the dearest friend, so I was willing to pause my reading to respond.) and our subsequent convo inspired me to challenge myself with a new project. A writing project! That's right! I feel like I'm definitely still in transition from my eight months overseas and some days it's harder to work through the confusing emotions and mess of my thoughts. So what I decided to try is to write about my time over there. Only I'm writing it more like a story and in third person. With an omniscient narrator. Of sorts. Something like that. Not really sure what I'd actually call it? I don't know all my proper technical writing terms. However! I do know it's been fun to write so far. I haven't gotten very far, I admit. Only a couple chapters, which equates to about three to four days worth of activity. And it's not really great writing. But it's so much fun! I thought I might share it somewhere besides just on my computer, but I've gotta get a lot more written and a lot more brave before I do that.

Well! We shall see what I do with it, if I even complete it all. I mean, eight months is a long time to write about, you know... :) I'm hoping writing like that will help me process through all the stuff I'm working through during transition. So yeah....

Where else has my mind been wandering? It is now officially August and I have been home from Thailand for a little over three months! How crazy is that?! Before I left a year ago, I remember thinking that four, potentially eight months (I wasn't sure how long I'd officially be there...), was quite a long time to be living overseas, especially for someone who'd never been out of the country before. (When I decide to do a thing, I go big, I guess? *shrugs*) And now here I am with the full eight months totally gone to the past and even another three down the road yet. That's just craziness to my mind, folks. It is.

Anyway. I have these thoughts and ideas and all this uncertainty about what to actually put into action and what is actually feasible to put into action. And how to get up the gumption to put things into action at all! Yes. I'm weird. And in a weird place right now. But that's okay! I'll figure it out....eventually. (I hope.)

So that's me. Thanks for listening.

What's new with you?

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