September 25, 2019

Bite-Sized Reviews :: Edition Forty-Eight

Hello, my lovelies! And good day to you. It's been a while, hasn't it? Yet here I am at last! :) I've known I had some reviews to catch up on, yet for some reason my heart hasn't been up for blogging about them. So I didn't. However! I am determined to get my reviews up to date once again, so here we are about to embark on such... Fun, right?? (And before you ask, yes, I was indeed on a bit of a Jaimie Admans kick for a few days there... ;)

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The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea by Jaimie Admans
The meet cute totally convinced me to read further in this one. :) And the rest of the story was pretty adorable! Not perfect, but adorable nonetheless. Ness is a fairly relatable character and I was rooting for her and Nathan to hold on to each other, once they finally got introduced. These two characters are pretty much made for each other and everyone around them knows it. It simply takes them a bit longer to figure things out. But that's the fun part, so I'm not complaining. The awkwardness between them just makes for more smiles from me!

The Little Wedding Island by Jaimie Admans
I confess that I read this one purely for the banter between Bonnie and Rohan. Those two have great chemistry! They are "frenemies" who have to figure out a way to work around the attraction they weren't prepared to feel for the other. Watching them gingerly tiptoe around the unexpected circumstances thrown their way provided me a great deal of laughter, as well as a bit of swooning at times. The premise is pretty unreal, yet I had no trouble setting aside my brain for a bit and just enjoying my time on the island. Cheers to fake engagements! :)

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The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters by Jaimie Admans
I was rooting for Wendy pretty much from the very first paragraphs in chapter one, she desperately needed her life to get a bit shaken up. To be given the ability to dream and see beyond her mundane life she's led up to that point. But Julian? He took a bit of warming up to. Much like Wendy, I was very uncertain of his motives and it was a while before I trusted him. But I have to say that once he won me over, I was hooked. I loved the banter between the two, especially as they warmed up to each other! I didn't love this story, though, as much as I enjoyed others I've read by Ms. Admans. I simply wasn't as pulled into the story-world like I wished to be. But that's okay! I enjoyed my time in France anyway!

The City Baker's Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller
This story went so very, very differently than I'd imagined when I picked it up. Yet something about it had to me hooked and I could not put it down until I'd read the final pages! Olivia is a quirky soul and there were times I understood her and times I simply couldn't. More than once I wanted to slap some sense into her. Yet I loved the crowd of people that slowly built around her. They became their own little family, of sorts, and I enjoyed their interactions together. I finished this book feeling like it was a bit strange, but sort of heart-warming all at the same time? I don't quite know how to describe the feelings it provoked. Either way, it certainly was an intriguing way to escape real life for a bit!

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The Cafe by the Sea by Jenny Colgan
Ms. Colgan clearly enjoys creating very quirky characters! Ones who slide into your heart when you aren't looking and decide to make it home for a little while. This little Scottish island is filled to the brim with just such a myriad of characters and I grew to love them all. Especially Flora herself! I understood all too well all the feelings invoked within her as she went home again. Those complicated emotions that defy description, yet refuse to dissipate. Instigated by grief and family entanglements, all that she felt and reacted to simply resonated with me. And then you bring Joel into her little world and the complications and uncertainties only seem to rise. Not a perfect story, but certainly one that I couldn't forget once I was finished!

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  1. KARA!! Hi. So fun to see a new blog post from you. Hope you're doing well, friend. I've never heard of Jaimie Admans' books (or the author name), but OH MY! These book titles are so darn cuuute. Makes one want to pick them all up. :)


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