February 1, 2020


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Hello, my lovelies! I realized that it was past time that I jumped back into this space only I hadn't realized quite how much time had passed since my last post. Yikes! So I thought I'd better start with a general post before heading into the reviews that I desperately need to catch up on. (Prepare to be bombarded in the next days! #sorrynotsorry) I hope, for any that are still hanging around here and interested in my thoughts, that all is going well in your corner of the world. Life has been a combination of busy and not as much wifi time with my own laptop as I've wished for. But that's neither here nor there. Life is good and there are exciting new (and challenging) ventures going on, for which I'm grateful. :)

Anyhoo! On to random happiness from my life...

Listening to:  I started North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell on a mini roadtrip the other weekend (only a three hour drive one way, so yes, it was mini) and am still making my way slowly through it.  I haven't reread that one for ages! And when I saw it was narrated by Juliet Stevenson, I decided it was a perfect idea. She is a fab narrator for all things Austen or British, in my humble opinion. :)

Reading: I have not done much reading recently! I know!! *sadface* It's just been a combination of a lot of things, one of which is there hasn't been a book that's just truly struck me enough to make me want to read it all the way through. I've started several, but not finished anything yet... *sigh* Other than North and South, of course, but I still haven't finished that one either... I've got some wonderful-sounding ones on my radar though, so here's hoping one or all of them will be amazing and cause me a book hangover or three. :D

Enjoying: I am currently at the library, which is delightful. And this morning I spent a couple hours at this charming little tea house that's just a slight bit of a drive from home (hence why I don't go often). I got there right as they opened and so had some quiet for half an hour or so, it was DELIGHTFUL. Quiet reflecting, hot tea, yummy deliciousness to eat....I enjoyed it ever so much!

Feeling: Excited, nervous, even a bit brave? I've been working on a small project for the past month that I'm a lot uncertain about. I have no idea what will happen with it or if anyone who now has access to it will appreciate it at all, but it's been a challenging and inspiring process to work toward. I officially sent it away from my little laptop, out into the void (so to speak ;) and now all I can do is wait...and hope. (And also prepare for the next one...challenge is good for me!)

Loving: Time with real life friends who encourage and challenge me onward. Various things came together for a deliberate choice on my part to work harder on those relationships. Am so grateful for them all! And incredibly blessed to realize I have so many good and wonderful people surrounding me...

Anticipating: The year ahead! I'm sure there will be difficulties, uncertainty, and any number of things that may not be pleasant (yet imagine all the delightful possibilities too!). I'm on a good track so far and excited to see what is yet to come... (Also hoping more blogging will happen as I have a couple writing goals to work toward. :)

Watching: Sunrises and sunsets and beauty all around me. I've heard that going somewhere else for an extended period of time can make one notice the beauty of home that you overlooked before. Am finding that very true! My eyes pick out details I usually glance right over. It's a glorious world we live in, friends, even with all the yuck in it. Won't you look up and notice with me?

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  1. It IS a glorious world! I need to look around and thank the Lord for it more often :-)


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