June 20, 2013

Friends :: Treasure Them

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light." ~ Helen Keller

I've been thinking about friendship lately. How important they are to us human beings. (And even to animals-see pic above-doesn't that look like they're having an awesome conversation? :)

I really do believe that friendship is an integral part of living life in general. Oh, I suppose we could still survive if we didn't have friends, but we would be awfully lonely. And sad. That's not what this life is made for! This life we live is so fleeting and short, we only have so many years available to us. In those short years-shouldn't we grab hold of the things that make us happy? That help us walk one more step on the days we struggle to move even one foot in front of the other?

That's what friendship is for.

A listening ear, a supporting arm, an encouraging cheer, a wordless hug, a distracting story.

Small parts of such a huge and complicated thing.

People we have a close and intimate relationship with. We can talk or rant about anything and everything under the sun. This can include someone we see on a daily basis or someone we see only once in a great while or even someone online. The kind of friendship that no matter how long it's been since you talked last, it's easy to pick back up again and start chatting freely. Even if you've never met in real life, you can still feel the connection.

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to witness a friendship in action. One man was lying on his deathbed, the end of life literally only minutes away (although we didn't know it at the time), and the second man was just stopping by to visit. This second man spoke to me about several things these two had experienced together, and all the while he held his friend's hand and spoke to him occasionally. Simply wanting him to know he was there. He never left his side the entire visit and when the end came, he was still there. Right by the side of his friend.

I want that! I want to have friends so dear to me that they'll drop everything to be beside me when I need them. I want to be by their side when they need me! That is a truly beautiful thing to behold. A thing to be treasured.

Friends should be treasured! We should take care of one other. We should support one another and encourage one another.

I don't know if all my jumbled thoughts are making any sense at all. But I just want to encourage someone else as I've been encouraged. Treasure those people around you who care about you! Whether in real life or online, it doesn't matter.

Treasure them. Appreciate them.

And tell them so.

That right there is a biggie. Tell them so. Let them know exactly how much they mean to you. Because they mean a lot, don't they? Imagine where your life would be without them! A whole lot emptier. So tell them. Whenever and however you can. Tell them.

No matter what, having a friend beside you makes life bearable.


  1. This is such a sweet and thoughtful post! Friendships are true treasures indeed! I was working on the acknowledgements page for Bleeding Heart today, and I realized that most of the names I had listed on there were people I've never met in person (yet!), but that didn't make their help, their support, their kindness, their encouragement, their love any less real. I'm so grateful God has given us a chance to "meet" and know people even without meeting them in person. And my best Friend of all I have yet to meet in person, as well (looking forward to that day, though!) - but our friendship is the most real thing I know. God is so good!!

    Anyway, I've been rambling. ;) But let me take this chance to take your advice...

    Thank YOU, Kara, for being such a true and lovely friend to me! Although it hasn't been that long since we stumbled across each other's blogs, you've already done so much to support me and bless me and cheer me and encourage me. Thank you from the bottom of my ♥!


    1. I'm so grateful God has given us a chance to "meet" and know people even without meeting them in person. And my best Friend of all I have yet to meet in person, as well (looking forward to that day, though!) - but our friendship is the most real thing I know. God is so good!!

      Love that Amber! I agree with you completely. And that was what I was trying to say, that we can connect with people whether we actually meet them or not. I'm so grateful for our best Friend. God is indeed very, very good!

      Hey, ramble away anytime you want! I love a good ramble. ;)

      Aw, Amber. You're making me all choked up. Thank you! I am so grateful for you as well. God sure knew what He was doing when He brought us together. You've done so much for me as well! Encouraging and inspiring me almost on a daily basis. Here's to many, many more twitter chats my friend! I hope we know one another a long, long time. :)

  2. What a sweet and oh, so true post, Kara! Thanks for sharing it with me and your other blogging buddies! Some of my dearest friends, and ones I have most in common with, I've never met in person, either - hehe!

    I just checked out your profile and I'm not surprised we get along as I see you are a North & South fan. LOVE, love, love that mini series - I've watched it so many times. And pretty much everything else Richard Armitage has been in since ;-)

    And then there is your kangaroo! Well, my girl, come on over to Oz and I'll take you to see some in the bush, 10 minutes from my house :)


    1. Thank you, Rel! I simply wanted a way to let all of you know how grateful I am for you. Whether we ever meet in person or not, I have been incredibly blessed by your friendship! :)

      Oh my yes!! N&S is dear to my heart. I really have no idea exactly how many times I've watched it, but I do know that the number is extremely high. Richard Armitage.....*sigh* I have no words. But aside from being nice to look at, I do think he's a wonderful actor.

      I'd love to meet a kangaroo in person! I knew they were native to Australia, but hadn't thought how close they could be to your house. Someday, I'm going to make a trip there and you'll have to introduce me. ;) (Incidentally, Australia is on my bucket list. For real!)

  3. You are such a delight, Kara. And you could not be more beautiful. SO good, my friend! I can say no more after this. Thank you! And thank you for your friendship. What a very true post. That example you gave just touched me deeply.


    1. Thank you, Ganise! And thank you for being a wonderful and encouraging friend. Our twitter chats have blessed me. So much! :)

  4. What a lovely post, Kara! This is a true bit of wisdom and delight. Thank you for writing it. :)

    I agree with you; we can still enjoy a deep/fun/wonderful friendship even if people haven't ever "met" (you are all proof of that to me - thank you for that!) and I've come to discover that this blogging community is very welcoming, offering wisdom and learning lessons beyond my expectations. Guess I've been fortunate enough to meet some of the nicest bloggers out there! (Yourself included!) Appreciate you, Kara and your kind encouragement.


    1. Thank you for reading, Rissi! :)

      I too have been very fortunate to meet some of the nicest bloggers. Including you! You always have an encouraging word and always always leave me with a smile. I have been incredibly blessed by your friendship! Thank you for that. I am so grateful that I can call you a friend of mine. :)

    2. Right back atcha! You don't know how many times, I've thought, "wow! Kara said that right - how inspiring!"

      Thanks for being you. :)

    3. Smiling all over right now! :D :D :D

  5. Well written Kara! Friends are important and we need to tell people when we appreciate them.

    1. Thank you, Sharon! Friends are priceless treasures. We should always take care of them. Thanks for reading! :)


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