June 28, 2013

Untangling My Thoughts

"You are inclined to get muddled, if I may judge from last night. Let yourself go. Pull out from the depths those thoughts that you do not understand, and spread them out in the sunlight and know the meaning of them." ~ E. M. Forster

I've been slowly making my way through E.M. Forster's A Room With A View. I'm quite enjoying myself! :) Mr. Forster is an excellent writer. The quote above reminded me of some conversations I've had recently. (Looking at you, Ganise and Mary! ;) Conversations about how writing things out helps my thoughts to make more sense. "Our thoughts get untangled when they go through our fingers." 

Sometimes just talking them out with someone else helps! I had the lovely experience of meeting an old friend for lunch yesterday and we talked about all kinds of things. We didn't solve any problems, we didn't tell each other exactly what to do, we didn't do anything amazing. Except we kind of did. We both shared what was on our hearts and the other offered the best thing of all--an attentive listening ear!  (Because there's very little that's more frustrating than talking to someone who is paying no attention at all.)

Accordingly, if you have trouble getting your words out sometimes, rest assured you are far from alone! My thoughts definitely tend to get all muddled and tangled and writing them down or talking them out helps tremendously. So take heart! Untangling them can happen. Sometimes you just need a little sunshine and a listening ear. :)


  1. Delightful! Absolutely, Kara! A listening ear helps so much. I tend to just feel less stressed after writing down my thoughts and/ or talking with someone (God included! :) And yes. It is so very important that the person is paying attention. I also value eye contact too. A lot. I've been blessed with parents who listen to my random and sometimes not very concise, here-and-there questions and thoughts.

    I want to check out that book you`re reading. It sounds interesting! And your lovely experience with your friend is heart-warming.

    I could not be more thankful for you, Kara. Seriously. YOU are a delight, never forget that. I Simply ENJOY reading your posts.

    1. I agree, Ganise! Eye contact is important as well as listening attentively. That's wonderful about your parents. My dad and I talk some, but my mom and I are the ones who will chat for hours. Not so much anymore as her Parkinsons prevents her mind from working so great, but we still chat a lot. I'm so grateful for all the times my mom has listened to me jabber on about whatever.

      A Room With a View is a classic! I was finally convinced to try it by a friend and it's a great story. The descriptions and the characters thoughts and....it's just lovely. I'd recommend it! :)

      Thank you, Ganise. Those words mean a lot. Truly. I so appreciate all the lovely encouragement you give. You brighten my days so much! Thanks for shining His light for all to see! :)

  2. Wonderful, Kara! Thanks for such a poignant reminder.

    I don't think I've been put in any "serious" situation where I may have been asked to offer advice or the like but when I was an older teen my mom thought about having us (along with her) volunteer at a local (Christian) pregnancy center and the thought of it freaked my young self out because I didn't have a clue nor did I feel equipped to offer "answers" or advice. As I've matured, I've come to realize that sometimes a person willing to listen is more important than someone who spouts off an, "I think you should..."

    Thanks again for your transparency. :)

    1. Yes! I've learned that just being there beside someone, showing that you care by simply listening to them and offering a hug or a shoulder to lean on, will do so much more than any words I'd offer could. Listening to someone is so important. But especially listening to our friends and loved ones! The people that we love the most need to know we care, and what better way than taking the time to listen.

      Glad you understood what I was trying to say. Thanks for reading and commenting, Rissi! Means a lot. :)


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