September 25, 2013


I was listening to a friend of mine recently talk about hot wheels. You know, those little cars and trucks? He's collected and sold them for years. Now I know next to nothing about toy cars. But him? He loves them! As I listened to him talk about this and that and everything in between when it comes to hot wheels, I realized exactly what I was listening to.


Regardless if I can understand it (not really), he absolutely loves the little things! He knows all kinds of types and names and dates they first came out and how much they'll sell for, etc, etc. You get the picture, right? My point is, he's excited and happy about it because he likes it! Sound familiar?

(You know where I'm going with this, right?)

YES! It sounds like me when I get to talking about books and reading and all the things that I'm interested in that make me happy. Just like my friend, when I get started talking about my happy place (reading a great book), I can talk for hours and hours. In fact, I have done and probably will do. I'm sure I've bored my real life friends with it.

My point? We all have things we like. Things that make us happy. Things that, maybe, no one else we know may understand or even know anything about at all. And that's okay. In fact? It's pretty awesome!!!

To have something (whatever your something may be) that you're passionate about...that you know all about...that you love to talk about...that you get excited over.... Now really. Isn't that pretty spectacularly awesome when you think about it?! Of course it is! :)

The world needs more happy people!

Now, this is not some lead in to where I introduce some big new thing that I'm excited about and just dying to share with you. Nope. It's simply my chance to give a shout out to being happy! To whatever you think is cool. Whatever you think is awesome. Whatever you love to do and spend time on.

For me? That's books and reading (and a few other things too......currently I'm pretty excited about The Autobiography of Jane Eyre (Who me? Obsessively reading what other people think and analyze about the show? Never!)......also counting down the days until Oct 7th when EMMA APPROVED BEGINS.......but that's neither here nor there).

So here's to all the happiness you have for whatever you love. I hope you find someone to share it with. But if not, then just enjoy it anyway! Because you love it. That's good enough for me. :)

Oh hey. I guess that was a lead in to something else. A special shout out to all my blogging/twitter friends! (You know who you are.) Thanks for being awesome people. Thanks for making me smile. And lastly, thanks for giving me someone to share my love of reading with. Y'all are some of my favoritest people in the world! :D


  1. You are awesome!! :-)

    And thanks for the reminder. I like talking about books too and I'm passionate about anything related to knowledge / wisdom, At times, I may feel weird because of it ;-) but it's good to remind ourselves that it's okay to get excited about things. The world needs more happy people - just like you said.

    Thanks, Kara.

  2. I love my pets and really all animals. They make me happy! Other things do to, of course. I get happy when I can help someone out, or make a donation to an important cause. I really like being a blessing to others--it brings me joy!

  3. My happiness is when i can talk to someone about my blog. It's something I'm passionate about, and enjoy talking to people about. And my writing and reading. I once talked to a friend for hours on writing and all things bookish. It was so refreshing and made me happy :) (plus I convinced her to start a blog! which, you know is always pretty awesome)

  4. So much fun! I agree - It's so much fun knowing I can always chat with about books with my blogging friends! Feeling is mutual. :)

    Right now football is alson making me happy ;)

  5. Kara, what a fabulous post. Thank you for this lovely, cheerful reminder. We too often forget that often happiness is up to us - it's a state of mind most the time and often we let life get to us. It's in how we treat people or react. Thanks for being an awesome person and friend. Love that we've all created this fun "book club."

    Glad to have met you! :)

  6. What a lovely happy post! I'm very happy to be able to share my love of reading with people here on the internet besides my real-life reading friends!

    Glad to hear you also like The Autobiography of Jane Eyre. I think the last few episodes have been really, really good and I'm so glad there are two episodes a week now!


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