September 18, 2013

Little Letters Ninth Edition

Dear Friends Reading This, yes, I'm still here! I haven't totally forgotten about this little corner in case you were worried. With all the busyness of life as of late, blogging has been one of the things to go by the wayside for a little. But the end is in sight! Have no fear, I am definitely planning a return to normal. (Whatever that is!) :D

Dear Rainbow Rowell, how have you managed to write another book that I love?! Fangirl was just as wonderful as Attachments. You have seriously great talent at writing characters who I connect with immediately. Something about Cath just resonated. Her story is wonderful! Thank you for sharing her with the world.

Dear Bunco Girls, I am going to miss you terribly! I have so much fun with all of you and my life will be very sad without my monthly dose of conversation and laughter. Please don't forget me.

Dear Boxes and Tape, you and I have gotten much closer recently. But be warned that it's a limited friendship. There will be an end to it someday! (At least there better be!)

Dear Books, it's so sad to see you get shut up in boxes. I will be much happier when I can take you out and display you again. Not to mention that I keep wanting to reread certain ones and can't because I've already boxed them up! *sigh*

Dear Time, do you realize how very, very fast you are moving?! I still have much to do and you just keep racing on. Not waiting for me at all! That's sort of rude, you know. Where's my magical little time fairy when I need her?

Dear Reviews Yet To Be Written, life is getting in the way. But you'll get written, don't worry. Not sure when yet, but it'll definitely happen.

Dear Crazy Life of Mine, let's think positive, alright? Things will slow down. Eventually. They have to, right? Sure they do. *nods head hopefully* I can at least dream!


  1. Good to hear from you, Kara! Moving is a daunting task (I'm so happy I haven't done it for years, but I've helped people), but you seem quite cheery about it, luckily!

    I so want to read the books by Rainbow Rowell. Her new novel is going around in the blogosphere and receiving all such good reviews. Next time I allow myself to buy a book, it will be one of hers!

  2. Yay! Happy to see a blog post written from you, Kara - though never fear, we understand you're busy and life takes priority. :)

    Great letters - enjoyed reading "edition nine." Look at your books being packed away this way: It's better they are packed and ready for moving than still on the shelf, which would mean they would have to remain behind! ;)

    PS: So glad to have another trusted opinion of Rainbow's novels; like Birdie, I've heard grand things about her works.

    Best of luck in this new journey. :)


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