May 1, 2014

Books That Give Hugs

Hey there! It's me again!

Just another quickie check in and hello. Firstly, THANK YOU! Thank you lovely people ever so much for the wonderful welcome back that I got on my last post. Every single comment made me grin and swing from the rooftops (you know, inside my head, metaphorically. I did not actually swing from a rooftop in case you're concerned)!! I have missed all of you so much and I was quite pleased to realize that you had missed me as well. :D

I keep thinking I'm going to make the time to post an actual review on here. Hopefully soon! Unfortunately not today. Today you just get another chatty post. (As if I'm ever not chatty, right? ;)

Anyhoo, I haven't been reading tons of new books recently. Instead I've been enjoying old standby favorites (like the one in the picture above). Yes! I have been searching my shelves and re-reading several stories that just feel like they're giving me a hug whenever I pick them up again. Do you ever get that feeling? You pick up a book that you know you love and simply holding it in your hands makes your heart happy? And then.

And then!

You crack open the spine and it falls to all the bent pages where you've spent so much time reading (and re-reading and re-reading and.....) your favorite parts. (Come on now, you know you do this. I'm not the only one, right?) And you get this sweet, happy, dancy feeling inside.

Yup. I've been feeling that a lot recently. Turns out? That when you make a major life-changing decision and every aspect of your life goes chaotic (and it's not all rainbows and kittens let me tell you!), then you start seeking something that makes sense in all the crazy. Something that makes you happy and reminds you that there's still happiness and fun to be found. That spot for me happens to be curled up in my comfy chair being metaphorically hugged by all my favorite stories. And they magically make me happy again!

So. Moral of this story is, find those huggable stories and hang on to them. Because when life goes crazy-nuts, they can bring happy back in your life again.

Hug a book today and smile!


  1. There's just something about a book that brightens a day. :-D

  2. Hi again Kara! SO glad to see any post from you - and chatty ones are awesome. :)

    You know I'd love to reread novels however I've got enough review copies to keep me hopping and booked for a LONG time - and that's been the way it has been ever since I started reviewing. Between those and the new books I've been gifted/bought, I wouldn't have to reread an oldie for a long time. ;)

    1. Hello Rissi! I'm glad you don't mind my chattiness. I can't seem to limit my typing sometimes! I mean most times. ;)

      I can see where review copies have you busy, busy, busy. (And I envy you a little there. I miss review books. *sigh* Hopefully soon!) But I've really been enjoying rereading oldies but goodies! Does my heart good. :)

  3. This makes me want to re-read some of my favorites again - because I know exactly what you're talking about! :)

    1. Yes! There's just something about them, isn't there? I love to look at my full shelves, even if I don't actually reread them all. :)

  4. So very true. Hope things stablize for you soon. *hug*


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