July 5, 2014

June Book Photo Challenge :: Week One

So I joined up with a book photo challenge during the month of June! I posted my pics on instagram and twitter, but thought as most of my followers don't follow me there, I'd better post them here as well. That way y'all get to enjoy the lovely bookish pictures too! Plus you get to know my bookshelves a little better. ;) Enjoy!

Day 1: New Favorite

Day 2: Nature

Day 3: Summer

Day 4: Friendship :: Book Spine Poetry!

Day 5: Books in a Bag :: My pile of library books. :)

Day 6: Reading Spot :: Includes tea and a stack of TBR in my favorite chair. What more could a girl ask for? :)

Day 7: I Won't Read This :: Because they're not my type of story! But my dad loves these books.



  1. This sounds like a neat challenge. I like the book spine poetry one best. :) I will so have to try that some time.

    1. You should, Ashley! Book spine poetry is quite fun. :D


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