July 30, 2014

Little Letters :: Eleventh Edition

Dear Children's Book Publishers, The kid-friendly classics are adorable! As a Jane Austen fan, I was thrilled to find a way to share my love of her stories with my nieces and nephews. SO much fun! :)

Dear Library, Thanks for always having books for sale. After finding Persuasion by Jane Austen, I was happy to add a third copy to my collection. One can never have too many copies of a favorite story!

Dear Janitor at the Library I Frequent, I don't even know your name, yet we always have the nicest conversations. It's fun to look forward to your smiling face when I visit. It's completely true that the best people work at the library! :)

Dear Danny Gokey, Thanks for sharing your song with the world. It's been on repeat at my house since I discovered it! Hope is never far away. Thanks for the reminder.

Dear Repeat Button On My Ipod, Thanks for being there for me! When my song of the moment is playing, I'm so glad I don't have to manually repeat it. Because you can bet I'm going to listen to it over and over and over and over and.... ;)

Dear Dante Butterscotch, I think your name is completely awesome! Every time I visit my niece and nephews and they let me hold you, it always makes me smile. You are a fabulous bunny rabbit in their eyes. (And in mine!)

Dear Real Life Friends, Going swimming, multiple trips to Chipotle, daily text messages, hugs, conversations, laughter, understanding my crazy sense of humor, eating and talking about great food; my social life is full thanks to you! I'm so grateful we're friends.

Dear Internet Friends, Twitter chats, reading your awesome blog posts, finding new books to read, getting envious over the fabulous stories you've read, convos via the comment section, understanding my love of all things bookish; my internet time is busy with all the places to visit thanks to you! You make my life happy again and again and again. I'm so grateful for you too!

Dear Barnes and Noble, I've been searching for just the right bookends for ages! And unexpectedly, there they were. Sitting on your table as pretty as you please. Now every time I sit in my favorite chair, I look over and see them and just have to smile. Thanks for that!

Dear Summertime, You're going way too fast! I can't believe it's getting closer to school starting soon. I'm not ready for you to leave! Oh, I know we have a little bit of time yet, but that little bit is going to go fast judging by the past weeks. Where is the time going anyway? Every week I'm shocked that it's Friday again. (Shocked but happy. Yay for weekends!) A good reminder to enjoy each moment then, right?

Dear Hope, I admit it. Some days it's harder to find you than others. But always you're there. Just a moment away. And I'm amazed at the things that remind me of this, all the little moments sprinkled in my life. Whether a new book, an unexpected compliment, seeing an awesome cloud formation in the sky, or a text message from a friend......always you're there. I'm grateful.


  1. What a fabulous post, Kara. Always love it when these go up on blogs - they're one of my favorite posts to read. Funny you posted these, because I was just thinking the other day, I've not had fun with some letter posts lately. I'll have to see if I can get my letter writing cap on and get one written. ;)

    1. Thanks, Rissi! They are so fun, aren't they? As Jamie mentioned on twitter, it's a great way to remind myself of the things I'm grateful for currently. :)

      I enjoyed yours as well! Since I'm so far behind on responding, I know you've already written and posted it. Real life sure likes to get in the way sometimes....

  2. We have that P&P counting book! I gave a copy to my s-i-l last year too :-)

    I have 4 copies of Jane Eyre. I almost bought another one at the used book store last week, but decided it wasn't quite cool enough.

    1. I have one copy for myself, and just gave a dear friend one as well! For her little girl who loves to read. :)

      The coolness factor is most definitely important, Hamlette. Having a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth...) copy means the covers have to be awesome in order to justify purchasing! (Well, either that or be practically free. That always helps too. ;)

  3. I was just thinking about putting a little-letter post together! VERY fun to see yours, Kara. So lovely.

    Danny Goeky -- '' I still have hope''. I listened to it and liked it.Replaying.
    Repeat button on Ipod -- AMEN! I listen to favourite songs over and over and over as well!
    Internet Friends -- wouldn't it be so nice to actually meet you in real life? :-) It'd be a pleasure to give you a hug, Although, I'd probably be a bit nervous ;-)
    Summertime-- my thoughts EXACTLY. Summer's my favourite!
    Hope -- I love that, Kara. May He continually remind you that He hasn't forgotten you. <3

    1. Thank you, Ganise! I enjoyed reading yours as well. :)

      Isn't that song wonderful?! There's just something about it. The music, the lyrics, it's all so lovely!

      Oh to meet in real life would be amazing! I'm positive I'd be a LOT nervous, but a hug from you would most certainly be warm-fuzzies happy! :)

      Yes. I'm so grateful He does, my friend. God's been very gracious and kind to bless me with lots of reminders. And I hope the exact same for you! :)


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