August 2, 2014

Sunshine Awards Make Me Happy!

Hamlette nominated me for the Sunshine Award a couple weeks ago. (By the by, you should totally check out her both of her blogs! Here's one and here's another. Her posts are always fun! Plus she has a book giveaway going on right now! So click on over there. :) Thanks Hamlette! Here are my answers:

What is the next book you plan to read?

You know what? I have absolutely no idea. More recently, I've been picking by whatever sounds good at the moment. And since my to-read pile (both real books on my shelf and ebooks on my kindle) is HUGE, I have many to choose from! So we'll see what strikes my fancy.

Have you ever seen the same movie in the theater more than once?

Nope. Can't say I have. But if you want to know if I rewatch dvd's on the other hand......yes! Multiple rewatch's happen (especially if it's North and South....*happy sigh* ;).

Do you prefer pirates or cowboys?

Definitely prefer watching and reading about pirates! Although cowboys certainly have their moments. I'm becoming a bigger fan of John Wayne the more of his movies I see (which I should clarify hasn't been that many, but goodness is he fun to watch!). But if we're talking real life pirates or cowboys, then I'd absolutely have to go with cowboys. Real life pirates wouldn't be nearly as cool as their fictional counterparts I imagine.

Have you ever been to an ocean?

Yes! As I grew up on the East Coast, I have been to the Atlantic multiple times. And after having lived on the West Coast for several years, I have been to the Pacific multiple times as well. Oh! And I have visited the Gulf Coast once, on a trip a few years ago.

You're casting a new movie version of your favorite book. Who are your top choices for the leads?

Oh boy! This will require a bit of thought. Hmmmmm.

How about casting for Persuasion by Jane Austen. Maybe Richard Armitage as Captain Wentworth (I mean, I'd love to watch this guy in another period drama!) and Emily Blunt as Anne Elliot? Emily did great in The Young Victoria.

I don't know. I'm no good at picking people for this sort of thing! But I would definitely love to watch Richard in another period drama. Without question! Plus, I just love having a reason to attach a pretty picture of him to this post. :D

North and South

So! There you have it. That was fun! :) Now, I know I'm supposed to nominate other bloggers and give them questions, but.....I'd just rather leave it open. Anybody anywhere is welcome to join in! And you can use the same questions as above. (I know. How boring.)

Anyway, hope y'all are having a lovely weekend! Til next time...


  1. Ah, yes, North and South... *dreamy sigh* Fun answers, Kara! :-D

    1. Exactly!!! *dreamy sigh* times a million! ;) Thanks Grace.

  2. We need a really, truly good Persuasion -- think a letter-writing campaign would do the trick? ;-)

    1. YES! We really, really, really do! I'd be willing to try anything to get the perfect combo of actor, actress, and directing. There's sadly been something lacking in every single version that's out there currently. *waits impatiently* :D


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