August 20, 2014

:: Happiness ::

new books :: chai tea :: libraries :: songs that speak your heart
flowers :: new friends :: old friends :: cinnamon rolls
fresh baked bread :: gooey chocolate chip cookies :: FOOD
listening to the waves of the ocean
 airplane trips :: road trips :: deep conversations
shallow conversations filled with laughter
ideas that come in the middle of the night
people who understand you :: sleeping in :: wearing pj's all day 
hugs :: tight hugs that last a while :: rekindling a friendship
belly laughs :: making a baby giggle :: unexpected phone calls
clouds :: rain :: full bookshelves :: compliments from strangers
cards in the mail :: making lists :: giving flowers for no reason
the anticipation while unwrapping a gift
learning new words :: listening to rain falling on a metal roof
journals with empty pages and a full pen
journals filled with heart words :: newborn babies
a song that inspires you to create :: quotes :: words :: sunsets
twitter convos :: blog posts :: instagram pictures
fuzzy blankets :: waterfalls :: reminiscing with friends :: happy memories
rainbows :: falling asleep on my mom's shoulder :: travel stories
smiles :: old photo's :: hearing 'I love you' :: new bookstores
used bookstores :: coffee shops :: long phone calls :: lightning bugs
watching the stars come out :: favorite songs :: bike rides
volleyball games :: driving with the windows down :: birthdays
smiling at strangers :: strangers who smile back :: exact change
blowing dandelions :: naming a pet :: pet stores
conversations with nieces and nephews :: quiet moments
movie marathons :: meandering walks :: comfortable silences
vacations :: good hair days :: shadows :: remembered dreams
the first bite of your favorite food :: singing in the car
finishing a good book :: storytelling using your hands
watching North and South for the millionth time 
meeting a favorite writer :: mugs of hot tea :: being on time
butterflies in my stomach :: looking forward to things
camping :: boat rides :: canoe rides :: snuggling with a sleepy child
backrubs :: baking :: internet friends :: realizing it's Friday
when a child draws me a picture :: daisies
this moment right now

What's making you happy?


  1. LOVE this post, Kara! It reminds me of Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts. Right now I'm happy because of my family, new books to read, and a new writing idea I have :)

    1. Now that is a compliment indeed, Jillian. Thank you! Gratitude is something I have to remind myself about almost daily.

      Yay for new writing ideas! Good luck......or break a leg.....or whatever I'm supposed to say! ;) And family and new books to read are wonderful things for sure.

  2. What a fantastic post, Kara. It IS the little things isn't it? I think there was a song by a Christian artist that was kind of about all of the "little things" in life and how they made us happiest (maybe Amy Grant...?) and I remember thinking it was the perfect song to describe the real joys of life. :)

    1. Thank you, Rissi! Being thankful for the little things is pretty important I've decided. Because, as you said, they are the real joys in life. Daily life is made of little things, if we only waited for the big things, we'd be waiting quite a while sometimes. :)

  3. Your blog is always so much fun and inspiring! I would have to say best friends, Chick-fil-a :) and knowing Fall is coming :) :)

    1. Aw. Thank you, Jamie! That means a lot coming from such an awesome blogger as yourself. :)

      Yes to Chick-fil-a! Yummmmmmmmm. (Now I'm hungry. ;) Friends are always a wonderful thing and cooler weather? Oh yeah!

  4. Love this Kara!

    What makes me Happy? My Faith in God, Amazing Grace, Precious Family, and Unconditional Love!

    And... Lovely blog posts that fill me with Joy and Inspiration! Thank you! God bless!


    1. Thank you, Net! I'm glad to share my happy and joy with you. :) God is SO good, isn't He? Your list is full of exactly what I take for granted far too often, yet I'm entirely grateful for as well.

      I hope you have a wonderful Friday! :)


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