August 10, 2014



Listening to: Cress by Marissa Meyer. The narrator of this series of audiobooks, Rebecca Soler, is simply fabulous! She does all the different voices so well. And I've been waiting to read this book for ages. I've no one to blame but myself....I actually bought the ebook a few months ago and never read it. Have you ever had that happen? Where you're SO excited for a book, yet you can't make yourself read it because you're worried it won't meet your anticipated happiness? I don't know what I was worried about. Ms. Meyer has yet to disappoint me! (Except for the time when she announced that I have another whole year before Winter comes out....*sadface*)

Reading: Flat-Out Celeste by Jessica Park. I remember enjoying Flat-Out Love a few years ago and something about Celeste intrigued me...

Watching: Psych, season eight. I recently saw a few pictures via Pinterest and it reminded me that I needed to catch up with this series. It's just so much fun!

Enjoying: A day spent with my nephew. I took him out for his birthday and since he loves to read as much as I, of course we stopped by a bookstore where we rambled for a good hour or more. After a fabulous lunch, we then proceeded to spend the afternoon quietly reading together, he with his book and me with mine. Is there anything better than enjoying something you love with someone you love? ::happiness::

Feeling: Happy! A rainy weekend (I love the rain) combined with a day with my awesome nephew and seeing a dear friend's precious baby boy wearing the outfit I gave him. ::happiness times two::

Craving: Brownies with raspberry chips. I made some last night and mmmmmmmmm. Yummo!

Loving: Catching up with dear friends. It's been a few weeks since we last spent time together and that's way too long! I relish the laughter that inevitably follows us around. :D

Anticipating: My birthday. It's arriving soon and I admit that I'm still a kid at heart and look forward to my birthday every year. Mind you, I don't much look forward to getting older, but the actual day I like! :)

Celebrating: The joy to be found in life! Even on the hard days, hope is still there. The little bits of happy I find, the little bits of brave, life is definitely to be celebrated.


  1. What a fabulous collection of "currents" for you, Kara. Glad you're having some good reads/listens, and yay for book store days! Oh, and while I'm sure I'll catch your actual birthday, just in case, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

    1. Thank you, Rissi. And double yay for bookstore days! :D

  2. Oh, this a lovely list! Glad your feeling happy. :-D

    Yay for "Cress," but boo for the length we have to wait for "Winter." It's cruelty *sniffle*. I actually have a book on my e-reader where I was excited about its release, and even got it on the day it released. Then I started it, but never finished it. I WANT to, but somehow it keeps getting pushed back.

    Happy (early) Birthday, Kara!

    1. Thank you, Grace! :)

      I so agree. Complete cruelty! I really, really, really don't like that it's a much longer wait now. :( And I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that! I get so excited for a book, yet I don't start it. And then once I do, I always wonder why I waited. Silly. :)

  3. Yay for birthdays coming up! I agree - they're always fun :) And I LOVE Psych too! I'm just finishing season 7. They crack me up so much!

    1. Amen, so glad you agree, Jamie! :)

      Isn't Psych awesome?! Shawn and Gus never cease to make me laugh. And Lassy and Juliet and...yeah. The whole cast is fabulous. Plus after watching behind the scenes stuff, it's fun to think that they have so much fun working together. Glad to meet a fellow Psych-lover! :)

  4. That's awesome. How old is your nephew?

    Happy early birthday. Mine's tomorrow I'll be 38. How about you?

    I love your last way. Well said!

    1. He's 11. I love our bookish chats, he's recommended several books to me that he loves. :)

      Thank you, Juju! I hope your birthday was wonderful. Mine's coming up this next Monday. I'll be 33.

      Thanks! A good reminder for me.


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