August 25, 2014

Music Makes My Heart Sing

Firstly, many thanks to Amber for the title idea as well as the topic (and for recommending some great songs!), she wrote a post a while back about discovering a new-to-her musical group. As someone who has loved music my entire life, I thought today might be a great day to talk about it! :)

For as long as I can remember, music and song has been a part of my life. My mother tells me that when I was very young, I would be around older people who were singing a song and within the next few days after that, she would hear me singing that same song by heart. So clearly music has a bigger impact on my heart than even I might realize! ;) I've always enjoyed it, but it's not been until the last few years that I realized exactly how much it encouraged and inspired me.

I noticed how a song could uplift me when I was feeling down. How it could express my happiness when I was feeling ecstatic. How it could affect my emotions in general.

I think that's probably what happens to a lot of people. Music and emotions go hand in hand. Isn't that how songs get written? How many times have I read an article about a songwriter that said something along the lines of "I wrote this song when such and such happened to me and while dealing with the emotions of it, the lyrics just wrote themselves."

Songs speak to our emotions, whether sad, angry, happy, or even just ambivalent. It's actually pretty amazing how that works! Don't you think? :)


  1. Right there with you. I've always really loved music as well. I have days when just one song is stuck in my head and I replay the ones I truly love till the words practically become a part of me. Remember the ''Hope in Front of Me'' song you shared? Sometime last week, I couldn't get it out of my head - and it's on my ''liked'' list as well. This is the song that I've replayed the most in the past twenty-four hours. Ever heard of it? :) Thanks for sharing, Kara!

    1. I replay the ones I truly love till the words practically become a part of me. That's me exactly, Ganise! Music just speaks to my heart like nothing else can in this world. I'm so glad you enjoyed that song! It's definitely a favorite of mine and has enjoyed much continuous replaying at my house, in my car, on my phone... ;)

      I have heard of that one and it's beautiful. So haunting and gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it with me! :)


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