August 23, 2014

Weekend Happenings

Isn't this light cool? It looks like fireworks! :)
I think I might be a bit crazy? .................or passionate! Let's go with passionate.

Okay so, I went shopping with friends today. (Well. Technically they were taking me out to lunch for my birthday, but we went shopping too. Anyway!) We somehow kept ending up on the aisles with all the journals, in every single store we went in. Do you like journals? I like journals. I LOVE journals actually. As stated above, I might be slightly....passionate about journals.

"How so?" you may ask?  Because I have at least 20 at home and I bought another one! Yep. I should know better than to even look at that aisle. I should walk quickly by it and avert my eyes. I didn't. (Oh who am I kidding? I never do that.)

So I brought it home and added it to the pile. Then I took another look at the pile and realized something..........I don't write in journals all the time.

I'm actually pretty sporadic with writing in them! So why exactly do I need to have so many? Why do I continue to buy them? Excellent questions! And as soon as I know the answer to that, I'll let you know.

I mean, besides the obvious reasons of "because they're cute" and "because they're college ruled". (I love college-ruled. Down with wide-ruled! Unless you love wide-ruled. In which case completely ignore that last exclamation.)

Therefore, the next time you're feeling a bit silly for all the things you may collect (whatever it may be), picture me surrounded by empty journal after empty journal and I guarantee you'll feel better about yourself! ;)

The above bookmark was one of the gifts I got. Isn't it lovely? Tea and books = fabulous combination.

Hope your Sunday is lovely. I'm off canoeing down the river! Probably in the pouring rain. Didn't I say I think I might be crazy? ;)


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day! Happy Birthday!!! Love your story of the stack of journals! They package them so prettily... How can one resist???

    1. I did, Net. And thank you! :) Yes, they are incredibly hard to resist. Incredibly! :D

  2. I used to write in journals ALL THE TIME as a teen. Now, never. But, still, they are pretty and I like the idea behind them... I just wouldn't be able to read my own handwriting if ever I needed to reread them, so there is that...! Glad you had such a nice day. :)

    1. Thank you, Rissi. I did! :)

      I don't write in them very often, but I do enjoy the process of physically writing out my thoughts instead of typing them. Especially when I'm creating! When I feel inspired to write a poem, there's just something about writing it down that I like. :)

  3. Belated happy birthday! Sounds like you had a blast with your friends :)

    I LOVE journals too, been writing almost daily since I was a teenager. And I also have a thing for buying lots of pretty journals and then they all get stacked up at home because I'm not going through them fast enough, lol. But at least I wouldn't have to worry when my current journal is almost full :)

    - Lianne @

    1. Thank you, Lianne! I did. :)

      SO glad I'm not alone in this! I have so many stacked up right now. But you're so right! This way I'm guaranteed to have another ready whenever I finally get to the last page of my current one. :D Journals just make me happy.

  4. I do journal regularly, but I also buy journals a lot faster than I fill them. I think I have 4 waiting for me right now... but I've got about 8 pages left in my current journal, so won't be long and I'll have to choose one of those 4 to use next. Sometimes an easy choice, sometimes not.

    What is it about a pretty book with just the right feel, pages empty and inviting you to fill them... addictive!

    1. A good problem to have though, right Hamlette? ;) As Lianne mentioned above, at least we're guaranteed to not run out of journals when we get to the end of one. There's always another waiting in the wings! I don't journal very often, but I DO enjoy it. Enough so I really ought to write more often.

      Exactly!!! Very addictive. :)


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