February 11, 2015

Bite-Sized Reviews :: Edition Nine

I am SO behind on my book reviews! I read Searching for Captain Wentworth clear back in November and here it is February already. That's craziness. It's past time I got caught up, so I decided I'd do another bite-sized review post for a couple of them. Enjoy! :)

Searching For Captain Wentworth ~ Jane Odiwe
I admit that the title is what first caught my eye. Anything to do with Persuasion is bound to! :) But the story within was delightful enough to capture my interest and keep me "turning" the pages on my kindle. It's not a rewriting of, but more based on, Ms. Austen's original. How exciting would it be to time travel back and actually speak with Ms. Austen herself? That's precisely what the heroine of this story gets to do! And how the time travel works doesn't fully make sense, but who cares? With simultaneous romances going on, one in real life and one in Austen's time period, the cute and fun is enough to make me happy to suspend my disbelief. With our heroine doing a balancing act between two worlds and two handsome, but confusing gentlemen, as well as getting to converse with Jane and her family, and trying to figure out what's real and what's not, life's a little busy. Ms. Odiwe's characters are so much fun! If you enjoy Austen sequels, then I would certainly recommend this one. Time travel and Jane Austen make a fabulous combo! :)

Old Fashioned ~ Rene Gutteridge
This one surprised me with how very sweet it was! I was slightly apprehensive that it would get into too much detail on Clay's theory and all the why's and wherefore's, and the actual romance part would end up more of an afterthought or something. But no! Watching these two people stumble around and make mistake after mistake, yet be unable to deny the chemistry and attraction going on between them was cute! Just when I'd be sure that Amber would finally give up on this seemingly crazy guy, she'd bounce back all the more determined to figure him out. Let me just say that Clay and Amber are charming. Watching them fall in love despite themselves is quite entertaining. And all the side characters with their quirks and loud opinions on the relationship they're watching take place just added to the fun. I'm so glad I picked this one up!


  1. Nice reviews, Kara! ! I got "Old-Fashioned" on my Nook awhile ago (it was free), but I wasn't too sure about it. I'm pleased to see you enjoyed it! Did you know it is a movie?
    As for "Searching for Captain Wentworth," it sounds like it would be fun to read a time-travel Austen book. :-D

    1. Thank you, Grace! I did know it was a movie, but I didn't realize until the other day that it was out in theaters this weekend. I had good timing and didn't even realize! :) The story is very sweet, I think you'll enjoy it.

      Doesn't time traveling back to meet Jane Austen sound awesome? That one is a fun story as well!

      Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

  2. That last one looks very interesting. I love the title and the collage cover. :)

    1. I like the cover as well, Ashley. And it's a fun story! A sweet romance that feels very real. :)


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