March 2, 2015

Movie Quote Monday :: Edition Six

Jane: "Hey, um, I’m not going to report your aunt, so it was a little overkill to send you all the way here."
Henry: "She didn’t send me."
Jane: "Mr. Nobley, or whoever you actually are—"
Henry: "My name is Nobley. It’s Henry Nobley. I’m a history professor."
Jane: "Oh . . . that’s really nice . . ."
Henry: "I used to think that my aunt’s profession was somewhat grotesque, but the truth is I enjoyed stepping into history. The idea of a simpler world where love is straight forward and lasting. I believe we have that in common . . . But all of this is secondary to the fact that I am completely mad about you."
Jane: "Alright, well, you may have been mad about Ms. Erstwhile, but you don’t even know me—”
Henry: "You are Ms. Erstwhile. I saw you in the theatrical and you were horrifying."
Jane: "Whoa! Wait a minute! You were horrifying, I was . . . I wasn’t great—"
Henry: "My point exactly. Neither one of us is capable of pretending."
Jane: "Nobley, I just don’t think—"
Henry: "The night of the ball you said you wanted something real. I’d like to believe that I am real. Is it possible that someone like me could make you happy? Would you let me try?"
*heartstopping pause*
Jane: "No! See, people don’t do this . . . This is my fantasy . . ."
Henry: "Have you stopped to consider that you might have this all backwards? Jane, you are my fantasy."
*cue kissing scene*
Jane: "Tallyho?"
Henry: "Tallyho."
I love this final scene! Actually I just love this movie period. But this scene? And JJ Feild's smile? And Keri Russell's flustered surprise? And that kiss? And "Tallyho"? And just everything!!! *swoon* :D


  1. *happy sigh* Love this movie. So many good things about it, but this ending... definitely the greatest. :)

    1. I was thinking of you and Amber when I was writing this post, Rissi! I just knew y'all would understand. ;) And yes! One of THE best endings of a movie ever!

  2. Now I must see this movie. Kara without you I'd be hopelessly out of touch!

    1. Oh, April! You haven't seen this one yet?! You MUST. It's just adorable! And you know if it's Austen-related, I'll probably have read it or seen it. ;)

  3. I wasn't overly fond of the book, but I ADORED the movie. So, so cute, and I loved the ending!! :)

    1. YES! I enjoyed the book, but this is definitely one of the rare cases where the movie is SO much better than the book! Glad you agree, Bluerose. And isn't that ending too adorable?! One of my favorite endings for a movie. :)


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