May 18, 2015

Dune Read-Along Discussion :: Part 2


Yay for more action in book two! (Also the legend finally begins.) The lovely Suey hosted this second discussion, head over here to check out everyone else's answers.

And now for mine!

1. What do you think about all the rituals the Freman have surrounding water? Especially the funeral.

Wow. That's really all I can say. Water is everything to them! It makes sense given the vast lack of it, but I hadn't thought about how they'd even use the water of one who has died. Very interesting!

2. Any other thoughts you have about the Freman now that we've been introduced a little better?

They are fascinating people. And very strong and smart! To have survived out in the desert for as long as they have, without much water and with the sandworms, that takes incredible intelligence and strength.

3. How do you feel about the way Paul is progressing to his destiny?

I kept forgetting that he was only 15! He's also very emotionless. I couldn't get a good read on him, therefore I was constantly changing my mind on whether I liked him or not. Even though I knew I was supposed to root for him, I couldn't seem to feel like he was trustworthy. Even though I knew he was ultimately! And everything came so easy for him. He dreams it, then it happens. He may say or think that he's doubtful of how things are going to go, but everything always works out for him. (I might be slightly annoyed with him? Sorry.)

4. We had more deaths in this section, two that stand out. Compare and contrast them.

There were SO many deaths in this section! Just about the time I finally decided I kind of liked a character, he would die! Hmph.

(Confession: I had to go look up which two Suey is referring to. Kynes and Jamis.) I liked Kynes. I was quite sad to see him die. And surprised! Because he'd survived all these other things in his life, to be taken down like that? I wasn't expecting that at all. I figured he'd be important all the way through to the end. As for Jamis, I really couldn't care either way about him. But it was interesting to get info on how the Fremen care for their dead.

5. What political maneuverings are happening during this section? I'd love a nice uncomplicated explanation!

Shall I admit to skimming quickly through the political stuff? Not really my thing. But I did get enough of an idea to understand that everybody in the political world (the Baron, the Emperor, etc) basically just want everything for themselves. And none of them seem to mind betraying one another.

6. What religious events are happening?

Lady Jessica becoming the Reverend Mother was interesting. And Paul drinking the spice and going all weird. Plus him realizing for sure who he's destined to be. (Sidenote: for someone who is supposed to be this messiah and know all things, he sure doesn't seem to fully believe it himself! Even when all the clues are staring him right in the face.) Lots of strange stuff. (Quite possibly a lot of this went over my head. I'm positive that I didn't understand nearly everything that was really happening.)

7. What do you think of the Baron?

He's terrible, awful, horrible, evil, and disgusting. I'd really like him dead.

8. Any foreshadowing moments that stand out to you? What's going to happen?

Lady Jessica's baby! I remember being interested in what would happen to her. And Paul and Chani? Talk about a non-romance! I was wishing for a bit more sweetness. But then, I forgot this is Paul. Who has no emotion. So yeah....

9. How do you like (or dislike) this section compared to the first? Any new favorite characters?

It had a bit more action, which I appreciated! And Paul and Lady Jessica's journey through the desert was fascinating. I'd've died the first day. They were pretty smart! ;) I like Stilgar. I was kind of afraid he'd die, since I liked him! Not sure what'll become of him, but I do like him.

10. Do you plan to finish and stick with us through part three?

I do! And I did! :)


  1. I'm glad you had something that stood out to you. Alia is very interesting and I look forward to learning more about her. I understand if you don't want to continue to know her better, though. :)

    1. I'm kind of in a quandary, Jenni. I want to know more about Alia, but I don't want to have to read the rest of the series to find out! Silly, right? :) Alia is such a fascinating little girl. It makes me wonder what she'll be like as an adult. And I can't wait to hear what you'll think of the next book in the series! :)

  2. LOL! All the strange stuff and emotionless Paul... made me laugh! :)

    1. Suey: Good! I like to make people laugh. :)

  3. he he! Your answers made me laugh. I hate Paul's lack of emotion. It made it hard to like him.

    1. It really, really did, Kami! I kept trying to convince myself to like him, but I just never could get there. And yay! I like to make people laugh. :)


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